How to add Alt text to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter all have their own ways to write Alt text, captions and tags.

The different guidelines for each platform can be confusing to match, but here is an ultimate guide that will help you have a successful social media post.


  • Start with a capital letter
  • Include an emoji or two if possible
  • Try to keep your caption under 120 characters so it will not break the Facebook character counter
  • Include hashtags in each caption only if they are relevant to the post and follow a similar theme. Limit up to three hashtags per post
  • Finally, click on the share button before publishing your post!

Instagram: -Include punctuation at the end of your caption -Don’t use more than 100 characters

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram offer the option to add a description of an image or video.

This is known as an “Alt text”. It typically includes the content of the post and is displayed when someone shares or previews your post.

The Alt text on Instagram and Facebook is limited to only 160 characters while Twitter provides for a longer character limit of 280 characters.

Useful tips:

  • Include some keywords in the description so that search engines can find you
  • Include some hashtags in the description so your post can be seen by more people

Just as Instagram and Facebook now use their own algorithms to determine the best pictures to display in your feed, they also

analyze and provide recommendations for what text should accompany the photo.

Here are some simple guidelines for creating good alt text:

  • Use a descriptive phrase or sentence that suggests what is in the photo.
  • Avoid using hashtags or links, as these will increase the chances of your post not being seen by anyone.
  • Keep it short and sweet!

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