Amazon SES Account All You Need To Know

Amazon SES is a fast, secure and reliable email service that lets you send large volumes of email within or outside the Amazon Simple Email Service ecosystem. Sending an email with Amazon SES account is as easy as sending an email in Gmail, Outlook or another mail app.

You don’t need to worry about issues related to your domain or IP address because Amazon takes care of all that for you.

Amazon gives you the ability to send 100 emails per second for free when using their domains.

This makes it easier for marketers to scale their campaigns without worrying about paying for extra bandwidth or storage space.

Amazon Simple Email Service also stores all email messages sent from Amazon SES.

This includes sending emails on your behalf and emails that Amazon SES receives from other domains. So, you never have to worry about losing any mail

The cost of using Amazon depends on the volume of messages you send each month – there are no upfront costs or long-term commitments.

Amazon SES isn’t free; however, it’s optimized for sending transactional emails at less than 1 cent per message.

How To Use An Amazon SES Account

Amazon Simple Email Service provides a cost-effective and scalable way for developers to send emails from their application using only a few lines of code.

Amazon SES Account
Amazon SES Account

AWS SES with Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS) provides a reliable and scalable solution that is fully managed by the AWS cloud.

AWS SES is a fully managed email sending service designed to deliver high-volume and time-critical messages.

Also it can be used to send unlimited number of emails, at any size, from any Internet-connected device.

In addition, it offers highly reliable delivery with an industry leading 99.9% uptime.

Why Use Amazon SES Account?

You can’t deny the importance of email for a lot of businesses nowadays, not least because it’s often how your customer-facing app will let you know about new features and updates.

Feedback via email is the most common, well-known way for customers to get in touch with an

app. This popular channel is often used by companies for their marketing campaigns because of

how they can measure the success of these campaigns.

Amazon Simple Email Service is a reliable, secure and affordable solution for sending mass email

messages. It is designed to be easy to use so even non-technical people can take advantage of it. Amazon SES is a cost-effective, reliable and scalable email service.

It’s only a few clicks away from sending an email to your customers or employees. You will be

able to take advantage of features such as deliverability status reports, enabling encryption for outgoing messages and more.

Using SMTP or a simple API call, this service offers a high rate of email deliverability and gives you access to your stats. You’ll also get notifications for successful and unsuccessful emails, as well as complaints.

Email Stimulator

Amazon’s SES service provides an email simulator that tests how your app handles different situations like a hard bounce, an out-of-office auto reply, or a complaint.

If the email is accepted by any of these destinations, you’ll know it’ll work when it gets to its destination mail recipients, bounce & complaint rates are the same.

Amazon SES Account
Amazon SES Account

The simulator is also useful for finding out your system’s maximum throughput without having to worry about your daily sending quota.

You can use Amazon SES if you’re an Amazon EC2 user.


Email capabilities can be added to any application running on an EC2 instance and users these

days are eligible for the Free Usage Tier if they send emails directly from your account.

You can configure notifications from the AWS console or directly through Amazon SES via the API.

It comes with a protection for security breaches by allowing you to set policies that identify which API actions a user is permitted to undertake.

Amazon SES is a powerful email service that can be used in different ways.

Some examples are sending automated messages about order status, sending invitations or announcements,

error alerts, or tying in your existing business email server to handle outbound company emails.

You can use Elastic Email with Amazon SES to send and manage easy one-click bulk email campaigns.

Application that automatically get customer email addresses and then use AWS API for Java to send different newsletters, marketing incentives and limited-time deals.

With the Free Usage Tier, you get one year of access to AWS Basic Support features like

customer service, email support forums and up to 100 email addresses.

One email sent to a single mailing list is free while sending one message per thousand emails costs $0.10 per thousand.

There are no set-up fees or initial commitments—list prices are based on volume and usage

In the end, every company will continue to provide email support for customers as they are a

reliable form of communication and a reliable means for engaging with users (both mobile and

on the desktop).

Technology is always evolving and it’s not going anywhere.

Using Amazon SES Account for Email Marketing

Amazon SES account is a scalable, cost-effective solution for marketing automation.

It offers the ability to easily send up to 12,000 emails per month for free, no matter how many recipients are on the list.

It also includes unlimited email sends of up to 10 recipients at a time, which can include any number of Gmail, or iCloud accounts.

This service also provides an easy-to-use interface that helps marketers schedule campaigns and track performance with detailed analytics.

The interface is easy-to-use and features scheduling, performance tracking, and detailed analytics.

Amazon Mail Settings for Different User Profiles

Amazon SES is a cost-effective email service to send your messages. In this article, we will see

how to configure Amazon Mail Settings for Different User Profiles.

In the event that you have to create a new profile for any person, you need to set up it. So, let’s

talk about how to configure Mail Settings for different user profiles;

Mail settings are configured differently for different user profiles. For example, if you have a

Gmail account, you need to set up your email account before you can send email from Gmail.

This article will teach you how to configure Mail Settings for different user profiles.

General Mail Settings

The first thing you want to do is click on “Mail.” This will bring you to the Mail Settings.

The first section is “General.” Here you want to make sure that “Automatically download new messages” is checked.

Next, you want to make sure that you have all of the necessary filter’s setup. Click on “Filters” and then “Create New Filter.” Follow the prompts to create your filter.

Select “Create New Filter”

Name the filter “Sales”

Select the “Products” tab, then “Product Line.” Change the Product Line to “Sales.”

Select the “Price” tab, then “Minimum Price.” Change the Minimum Price to “0.”

“Category” tab, then “Category Type.” Change the Category Type to “Category.”

Then “Condition” tab, then “Condition.” Change the Condition.

I hope that wasn’t in anyway confusing.

Amazon Mail Addresses And How to Find One for Your Domain

Amazon Mail Addresses are important for business owners who want to have their emails delivered to an Amazon SES account.

This is because using a dedicated mail server allows you to avoid sending emails via third-party services

If you want to use your own domain, simply find the Amazon SES address for your domain and configure it in the settings of your email software or webmail provider.

There are several ways in which you can find the Amazon Mail Address for your domain

including: contacting the company that provides your domain name registration service (often

called a domain registrar) or finding it through the documentation provided by Amazon when you purchase an SSL certificate from them.

Benefits of Amazon SES

Amazon Simple Email Service is a scalable and cost-effective way to send email at scale.

It provides outbound email delivery with no limitations on the number of emails you can send or

receive, plus it offers features that are targeted specifically at marketers.

Benefit of Amazon SES
benefit of Amazon SES

Amazon Simple Email Service lets you send unlimited emails with no limits on the number of emails sent or received.

There are also features tailored towards marketers like -Amazon SES Bounce Protection, which

lets you suppress bounce messages after they occur; -Complaint Manager, which reviews your

inbox for spam complaints; and Sending Limits, which lets you set limits on sending frequency.

How to Create an Amazon SES Account

Amazon SES (or Amazon Simple Email Service) is a cost-efficient and reliable email service offered by Amazon Web Services.

It’s not only cheap but also easy to set up, with the minimum account size being 10,000 emails

per month. It’s highly scalable and can cater to businesses of any size.

Now, let’s see how to set up an Amazon SES account:

1) Sign up for AWS

2) Verify your email address

3) Send your first email

4) Consider how you will handle bounces and complaints

5) Move out of the Amazon SES sandbox

1) Sign up for AWS

Before you can use Amazon SES, you need to sign up for AWS (Amazon Web Services).

When you sign up for AWS, your account is automatically signed up for all AWS services.

2) Verify your email address

Before you can send email from your email address through Amazon SES, you need to verify that you own the email address.

For instructions, see Verifying email addresses in Amazon SES.

3) Send your first email

New users are in the sandbox environment – meaning everything is in a testing mode.

This way, you can only send email to and from instances that you have already verified using your account.

4) Consider how you will handle bounces and complaints

Before you startup, it’s important to think about what your strategy will be for dealing with

bounces & complaints. If you are sending to a small number of recipients, your process can be as

simple as examining the bounce and complaint feedback that you receive after mailing, and

then removing those recipients from your mailing list

5) Move out of the Amazon SES sandbox

To keep sending emails to unverified email addresses and at a higher rate, your account needs to

be moved out of the sandbox. For this, we advise opening a case with SES support to allow you to increase sending limits.

For all the details on the sandbox restrictions and how to apply to be retested, click here.

Other steps

  • Before you send out your outbound email marketing campaign, test with the [Amazon SES mailbox simulator] to so you know it will be successful. Emails sent to the simulator don’t count towards your monthly quota or affect your bounce and complaint rates.
  • Keep an eye on your activity by logging the number of emails you have sent/received in addition to feedback.
  • Verify your domain so that you can send mail from any email address in your domain without verifying each.
  • Here are some tips to keep your company’s reputation strong and ensure that the emails you send don’t get caught in spam filters.

So, in the end setting up a fully functional Amazon SES Account is a snap, and with the free and clear pricing and unlimited usage, it’s no wonder so many marketers swear by this service.

If you require more in-depth knowledge about Amazon SES you can check out this over-the-shoulder course explaining all you need to know. See Amazon ACX: How To Become An Audible Affiliate

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