Apple Plans OLED Makeover Across All iPads, MacBooks


Apple reluctantly nudges its spaceship-inspired Vision Pro headset launch from January into March 2024 per veteran inside source Mark Gurman. The noted Bloomberg journalist cites murmurs suggesting Cupertino’s launch trajectory struggles matching software readiness with aggressive hardware dreams.

It would mark a setback for Apple’s first major computing foray beyond palm-sized gadgets should the visionOS-powered augmented reality juggernaut slip from CEO Tim Cook’s “early 2023” vow. Yet whispers from Gurman’s network indicate prudence wins over pride.

Keener observers remain unsurprised by modest delays given the sheer complexity manifesting such radical tech. A complex orchestration of revolutionary eye tracking, displays, ergonomics and spatial awareness now juggles perfectionist Cupertino expectations. Hiccups feel almost inevitable compiling feature wishlists nearly 10 years amassed.

But evidence abounds suggesting liftoff nears completion, not crisis. iOS betas and onboarding leaks telegraph training material with product demonstrations perhaps set for special March keynotes ahead of availability. And with distribution already mapped and mass production likely humming smoothly, scrambling seems absent.

So rather than derailment, a March delivery window feels on track as fits the methodical, secretive Apple mold. Elite iPhone engineers surely prefer extra innings to tune novel Galactica lenses, motion pairing and usability delights in visionOS well beyond v1.0. For paradigms don’t shift overnight, nor should sales deadlines eclipse changing reality on such unprecedented ground. The Vision Pro era can wait a few more patient weeks when immortality beckons for Apple and augmented reality alike.

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