Apple Plans OLED Makeover Across All iPads, MacBooks


Apple reportedly looks past LCD to aggressively target OLED makeovers across iPad and MacBook catalogs through 2027, systematically upgrading panel technology one model at a time. The roadmap promises yearly infusions of next-gen displays destined to transform even Cupertino’s mainstream slates.

Benefits like variable refresh rates and richer contrast have long reserved OLED exclusively for premium iPhone and Watch clans while tablets made do with LCD. But mounting envy over Samsung and Android early adoption seems set to push Apple’s hardware into the inky elite.

The pivot plans call for 2024’s iPad Pro to lead the migration as fitting its vanguard role. Both 11 and 12.9 inch Pros transition first, cementing contrast and silky motion Apple perfected on handsets. The remaining iPad battalion follows in phases thanks to supply security, with iPad Mini growing slightly in the switch.

Most notably, Apple intends on piercing OLED all the way down to mass market iPad Air and base models by 2026. Designing at product scale promises economics someday bringing once exotic OLED to every iPad tier. Even partner networks like LG, Samsung and BOE now jockey for slices of Apple’s vast projection needs.

The only catch – ProMotion vanishes down stack outside iPad Pro, limiting refresh rates to 60hz on lower configurations due to cost. Still Apple eyes mindshare boosts even if compromises accompany midrange OLED debuts. Plus MacBooks like 16 inch Pro undergo similar OLED overhaul on approaching horizon, so silky visuals emerge across Apple’s entire mobile computing lineup year by year.

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