Apple to Bring 5x Optical Zoom to Entire iPhone 16 Pro Lineup, Analyst Predicts


Apple prepares to democratize 5x optical zoom across 2024’s full iPhone 16 Pro portfolio based on updated analyst projections, departing from limiting the marquee photography feature to only premium Pro Max models this generation.

Ming-Chi Kuo now foresees both next-gen Pro and Pro Max sizes implementing periscope telephoto lenses unlocking lossless 120mm magnification identical to today’s largest variant. Effectively erasing an annoying delineation that forced buyers choosing compact sizes to suffer software zoom.

The adjustment traces back to apparent production improvements for the complex telescoping optics debuting in September. Kuo pointedly dubbed the last minute addition of 5x hardware to only the iPhone 15 Pro Max “urgent,” hinting scale hurdles delayed broad readiness at the time.

But over the next year, Apple seems poised to expand tetraprism manufacturing volumes to fully democratize 5x optical reach. And not a moment too soon for crestfallen Pro users resigned to digital hybrid zoom despite paying premiums.

Equalizing photography tools across Pro models rights a wrong in the eyes of purists clinging to smaller displays. And it brings welcome flexibility to creators no longer forced to choose between portability and versatility when iPhone 16 presales start.

Rumors already circled of Apple extending its periscope foundation to all flagships for 2024 and beyond. But with supply chain whispers now added affirming iPhone 16 Pro making the optical zoom leap, the months of waiting seem brighter for shoppers locked out of telephoto privileges last round.

So with the latest intel telegraphing 5x incoming to both high-end models, Pro Max exclusivity should fade to history this time next year. Get ready for completely uniform iPhone photography power once the next era dawns.

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