Apple Used Android “Tracking” Slams to Promote iPhone Privacy


Google’s titanic mobile data empire now confronts a merciless critique courtesy freshly surfaced Apple missives slamming Android’s rapacious tracking tendencies. The slides emerged into ongoing antitrust litigation showcasing Cupertino’s extreme privacy disdain for Google’s contrary instincts despite current strategic bedsharing.

Indeed Apple unloads savage characterizations of rival addictions to hoovering vast behavioral, usage, and communications data at vast scale. Key presentations label Android phones themselves tracking instruments well exceeding functional necessity – all while iPhone reliance on embedded Google Search products soars.

Tensions inherently dog the alliance that made Apple the world’s richest company courtesy affiliate profits from each query. Yet years of distrust around Google data stewardship stewed in parallel across Apple domains, and concern lingered that Android represented a loss of control by proxy for users.

One exhibit asks rather pointedly what elements Google potentially siphons back when billions flow the other way for default iPhone search reign. The passage notably raises speculation about purported data power imbalances and exactly what secret sauce Google might brew from such an immense lens into humanity’s digital patterns, intents and inboxes.

It all suggests that Apple welcomes giant checks yet internally lambasts Google’s fundamental business beating heart – data flows enabling ad algorithms rivaled by none in history. Now with the inside baseball reveal, regulators are pressured anew chasing evidence of harms imposed by one-way alliances seemingly at odds with outward partnership displays.

For consumers though evidence of Apple’s blatant distancing efforts from Google’s resources only sharpens focus on how little privacy understanding typically permeates buying decisions. Perhaps fresh scrutiny into what lies beneath smartphone platforms might instead inspire wider advocacy movements to make transparency a purchase priority. Because details matter when lives flow through code and silicon microcosms absent sufficient accountability currently.

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