Best bug tracking tools for your teams

Best bug tracking tools for your teams


One important use of bug tracking software is for the quality assurance of the end user’s experience. Sometimes, end users may encounter bugs while using a particular program or hardware. This is very common in games and internet applications.

Keeping track of bugs can be difficult but using bug tracking systems for your team can make the process a lot easier. A bug tracking system can record details of all the bugs that have been opened, closed, and commented on. This makes it easy for you to monitor what type of activity is occurring and if anything is wrong or needs to be changed.

If a new vulnerability is found, the system will automatically notify your team so they can patch the vulnerability quickly and without the hassle of opening, maintaining, and then closing many individual bugs.

In this article, we’ll be highlighting some of the best bug tracking tools for your team.

What is Bug tracking tool?

A bug tracking tool or bug tracking software is a computer program that maintains a record of reported software defects in software engineering projects. It can also be considered a form of technical problem tracking system. This records the identification of the problem, its scope and description, steps taken to reproduce the problem, whether any changes were made and whether any improvements were made.

It also provides details of the time when the problem was detected and resolved. These details are useful for software engineers as they can use the data to identify the source of the defect so that they can make corresponding changes.

One important use of bug tracking software is for the quality assurance of the end user’s experience. Sometimes, end users may encounter bugs while using a particular program or hardware. This is very common in games and internet applications.

Quality tests can be conducted to determine whether these problems are caused by defects in the application or not. By using these tests, the programmer can make any necessary adjustments before releasing the program or piece of hardware.

Quality assurance can also be ensured using bug tracking tools. For instance, the Internet Explorer browser has many bugs. In order to determine the reason for the errors, developers use the various Microsoft error messages and compare them with the corresponding software development tools.

If a particular tool reports more than one error, then the problem could be with the IE version. The software developer needs to fix the bugs before they become significant threats to the overall system performance.

If the software engineer observes the data obtained from bug tracking tools, he/she can easily assess the quality of the software. In addition, the results of manual testing can be used to train the staff in software testing. If manual testing is conducted only on one or two bugs, then it is not very helpful because a large number of bugs can be involved.

Furthermore, manual testing does not test the quality of the end-user’s experience. The best way to test the user experience quality is to perform automated quality assessments using bug tracking tools.

Features of a Bug Tracking Tool

Features of a bug tracking tool are many and it depends on what you want it for. This type of software helps businesses find out more about bugs. If you’re the one handling the bugs, this tool can help you in several ways. Below are some of the features:

Send update to Clients

One of the features of the application is the ability to send your clients an update when a new patch is released. This allows you to keep your customers updated.

Security alert

Another feature of the bug tracking tool is its capability to alert you to security holes found on your system. One hole might allow a remote user to gain access to your system. This is the reason why the program must have a security hole detector. It can also tell you if there are applications that are running without your permission.

You might not know about these applications because they won’t show any indications of running.

Manage usage of CPU resources

The next feature is one that’s useful if you run many systems. It can help you manage the usage of CPU resources on each system. The feature makes it easier for you to turn off or increase the processor usage. For some small businesses, the increased processor usage can be disastrous so this is a beneficial feature.

Online Management

With this feature, your IT department can be more efficient and less error prone as they can check in real time whether they’ve made any mistakes. It will also improve their productivity as they don’t have to go through the trouble of logging in and checking information. You can also monitor all the activity and see what they’ve done.

One-time scanning

With this feature, an administrator can scan all the files in the system for security holes. They can fix them one by one. There are certain risks involved. This feature ensures that any flaw is fixed immediately.

Process Automation

With this tool, it is possible to automate processes. With one click, all the processes related to the scanning, fixing and logging are done automatically. Some of these include the following. It checks the registry for duplicate entries and deletes the ones that are not relevant

Hard drive check

It also checks the hard drive for fragmented files and invalid entries. It also creates a backup of the whole system prior to making changes. You can choose whether you want to back up the whole system or just the specific files. You can also decide whether you want to run the tool periodically or not.

Hard drive bug tracking

These features are important for any business. It helps to maintain the efficiency and operational procedures of your company. Bug tracking tools has been designed by professionals who have years of experience.

This is the reason why you can trust the tool with all your confidential data. You need not worry about whether anyone else has heard anything about the existence of such a tool.

You should consider the features of a bug tracking tool when choosing a solution to your problem. It can help you save money and time. It can help you solve problems quickly and efficiently. You should also keep in mind that the more features a tool has, the more time it will take to fix problems in your program.

Benefits of Bug Tracking Tools for Software Development

Bugs are an inevitable, necessary evil, but they do not need to be a total pain to handle. There are literally hundreds of different bug tracking tools available that help organize and streamline the entire defect management process. In this quick overview, we will explain some of the benefits of a bug tracking tool.  

Automation/Task management

Automation is another key benefit of this type of software. Software bug tracking tools often include task management features that allow you to define the steps required to reproduce a particular defect and assign it a priority level.

For large issues, this can often translate into the ability to reproduce and fix bugs in a matter of minutes rather than hours and can save you significant time during your normal workday. When dealing with the highest priorities, these task management features can even help you automate the fixing process entirely!

Defect report creation

Another benefit of using software bug tracking tools is that these programs allow you to create defect reports in a timely manner. You do not need to individually scan each report to identify the specific defect. All you need to do is import the data and identify the specific item(s) whose location and severity level you have been able to reproduce over time.

Once you have identified the items, you can then prioritize the items based on their proximity to other defects in order to prioritize a response. The benefit here is that you will be able to create bug reports within a very short period of time, allowing you to get quick action on the problem before your customer begins to resent you.

Visual summarization

One final benefit is that many of the best bug tracking tools provide visual summaries of all fixes made. Many companies make the mistake of waiting to see whether or not a defect goes live before taking actions to resolve it. This can result in a lot of wasted time and effort because you may not notice a single fix that eliminates the problem.

This is where these summaries come in. The tool allows you to check in on the status of each issue and quickly get a sense of where things stand. This gives you the opportunity to take action, resolve the issue, and move on.

Reduces time

Perhaps one of the most critical benefits of this type of software bug tracking tools is that they can greatly reduce the number of bugs that are discovered during a long duration of testing. When your team members spend the majority of their time looking for bugs instead of trying to solve them, the overall quality of the software increases.

This means more satisfied customers, a better reputation within your industry, and less need for further training with each new release. It also makes it much easier to reach all of the team members on a regular basis, which will lead to more communication and coordination with everyone involved.

It can significantly decrease the amount of time spent fixing issues in production, because everyone will be working towards solving problems rather than trying to go through the issues themselves.

Best Bug tracking tools

Below are some of the best bug tracking tools for your teams:




Hubstaff tracks






Jira bug tracking software

This bug tracking provides a complete solution to the IT support problems related to the software products and applications. This is the globally used open-source software, which identifies, captures, resolve and notify the problems in all the stages of software development, from the coding to the release and deployment in a production environment.

In this way, it can help you fix the problems as soon as they arise rather than waiting for the problem to increase and complicate the process. With this tool, you can identify the isolated problems and work accordingly to solve them. It creates a data hub along with an interface to the database and application servers so that the issues can be tracked, solved and reported.

This tool has become widely used in software development companies and is used as a central repository to track the issues that exist in the software during the life cycle. The tool is user friendly and can be easily installed and configured. One can create a bug-tracking system by installing the Web Services.

The Web Services allows the application to be available anywhere, any time and can be accessed from any device. The tool helps to manage the tasks effectively manages the quality reviews and feedback provided to the developers, testers and other staff working on the project.

This bug tracking tool collects valuable information with the help of a simple interface. A simple user interface with a search and select option makes it easy to locate bugs and defects.

You can submit the bug report with an optional description of the issue and you can also indicate whether the fix should be released as a patch or an update. This helps to save both time and effort and enables timely response to the issues. This feature is a great help to the IT teams to deploy the updates as soon as they are needed for preventing the issues from becoming critical.

Pricing: This tool has a free plan that allows up to 10 users. The paid pricing plan starts at $7/user/month.

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This is a very powerful and user-friendly website-based software application that enables the organization to track customer interactions, collaborate with customers and gain valuable insight into their business needs and future business growth.

Trello bug tracking tool

The main goal of this application is to provide a fast and easy method to manage workflows, manage tasks and to provide an environment where team members are free to collaborate and contribute. To this end there are different types of boards that can be used in various workflows. Depending on the needs of the organization the type of board may differ.

This bug tracking tool was initially developed as a part of the Intranet platform for community-based work. Today it has grown significantly to become one of the most popular and powerful tools for collaboration online.

It is primarily used by teams who are responsible for the maintenance of the project’s code base. The tool provides easy access to relevant information from all team members across the organization.

This tool is built on the idea of defining work flows using arrows that move from one step to the next. This approach has the added benefit of supporting the quick creation of feedback forms that will ultimately help the team identify areas of possible improvement.

Once feedback has been provided it can be easily sent to the developer or the product owner for review and correction. In addition to this the tool can also track and archive customer request information so that it can be accessed and resolved at later dates.

Pricing: The free trial plan for this tool is limited. There is a two paid pricing plan starting at $9.99/user/month.


Asana bug tracking tool

This bug tracking tool is a stand-out among many other open-source bug tracking tools which has been used to simplify tasks, help the tester to organize their day and schedule their project, manage their team and work effectively. The tool is used to manage the task and automatically prioritize the bugs.

You can create a list of bugs by selecting the task or the section and after that by pressing the ‘new’ button you can create the link or a code to identify the problem. This way the user is automatically pointed out for the relevant area or section and the complete description as well as the name of the person responsible for fixing the problem is added in the tracker.

The tracker shows the details in the form of a ticket and after adding the task or section it gives the details of the status, severity and a time limit for the task/solution to be completed.

In this automation process, this bug tracking tool uses the concept of ‘flight testing’ or the usage of simulation to generate test plans and corresponding test cases so that you can test the functionality of your product on a real environment.

This helps you avoid the risk of regression or breaking the functionality of the product in the production environment. The ‘model’ can be defined as a collection of the steps that need to be followed in some specific situation in the production or test environment.

Check website here

For the purpose you can use a combination of different approaches such as manual testing, automated unit testing, integration, proxy and/or state driven unit testing.

This way you will get a clear idea of what the requirements are and in which situations the functions need to be tested. By integrating this tool with other tools like Wifihost, you can generate and monitor the reports and get the full details of the problem or the issue in real time. The ultimate goal of the software is to provide the complete picture or understanding of the problem in terms of user experience.

Pricing: This tool has a free plan for one user. While for bugger teams, pricing plan starts at $10.99/user/month.

Hubstaff Tasks

Using a Hubstaff tasks bug tracking tool is critical in the long run. Tracking your customer interactions can tell you if they are satisfied or not and if they are able to reach you in a reasonable amount of time to address their concerns.

It also tells you if your salespeople are on track, since it records each task that they complete and whether they were successful or not. If your salespeople are constantly reaching people that can’t be reached, then you need to find a solution and that solution might be a tracking tool to help you with these issues.

There are different types of Hubstaff tasks available, based on the customer’s needs. Some examples include: managing assignments, managing notes, assigning contacts to teams, and tracking sales and workflow.

With all these tools, you will be able to see the changes that are occurring in the life cycle of your customer. And because the tool is integrated with your CRM, you will be able to get quick access to any information that might help you make better decisions for your business.

So, while other tools may help you manage tasks more effectively, these tools from Hubstaff help you gain control and insight into how your customers are feeling about your company. That way, you can do what you can to make things right and stay in business.

Pricing: There is a free plan that has basic features. The premium paid plan which includes unlimited users and projects starts at $4/user/month.


Wrike bug tracking tool

A top-of-the-line software tool that allows you to keep abreast of the progression of all potential WRC competitions, is the Wrike Bug Tracking Tool. If you are an active RC car racer, then you certainly must have heard of the bug tracking software program by WRC.

But did you also know that this program can also be utilized for regular vehicles like trucks, and SUVs, and motorcycles? No? Well then, you are completely missing out on something big.

The Wrike bug tracking tool is a program that does a lot more than just allow you to view your vehicle’s activity. The way it works is that it makes the usage of a high-speed Internet connection in order to capture the digital data from your RC car or truck in real time.

This data is then stored into files that you can access whenever you want. You can analyze this data to see where you went wrong, what RC car or truck did best, and so much more. And all these can be done while your car or truck is still connected to you live Internet connection.

What’s even better about this Wrike bug tracking tool is that it doesn’t require any monthly fees for using the service. So even if you happen to be spending more than one hundred dollars a month just on the service, you can still avail of the best of this tool.

In addition to that, you don’t even have to leave your home in order to track your vehicles. All you need is an Internet connection. Isn’t that great?

Pricing: The pricing plan for this tool starts at starts at $9.80/feature/month. There is a free version also.


Trac is an integrated system for IT assessment and maintenance, which include the Trac bug tracking tool. The tool enables IT professionals to track down and fix security vulnerabilities that affect a website and then determine the solution that must be implemented. Security assessments are usually conducted before any release of a new software package, or after a security audit of the organization has been completed.

These assessments are carried out to verify whether or not a security issue is real and if so, what action should be taken to resolve the issue. The web driver can then report the status of the issue to the developers who will then have to take measures to address the issue.

This tracking system also works on the basis of the UIA automation platform that is based on JavaFX and XML. This means that every web driver generated by the tool automatically references the appropriate JavaFX or XML files to ensure proper implementation of the required scripts. This ensures that the integration of new features is faster and that the scripts can be tested easily and without significant interruption to the production flow.

It can be used to automate the entire test management process from start to finish, ensuring that each test is correctly executed with all relevant parameters. It also allows multiple tests to run simultaneously to ensure that the overall test coverage is high.

Additionally, the automated test management tool allows integration of UIA controls into the unit test generators which allows the generation of executable test scripts. All these features have led to the use of Trac in most of the enterprise-level test management solutions across the world.

Pricing: This tool is absolutely free but it’s not a user-friendly tool.


Using the Monday bug tracking tool is a great way to stay on top of what is going on with your business. This is a tool that is designed to help you monitor and analyze what is happening with your business every day.

With this software, you can receive real-time information about what is being done on your site, what is happening within your own company, and what people are typing in to let you know there is a problem. You can also receive reports from all of the sites that you have signed up for as well.

The Monday tracking system isn’t just a convenience; it is also a money saving benefit. You will be able to track your profits or losses and know how much money you could be saving just by making a few clicks. The more that you save when it comes to tracking your data, the more money you will be able to put back into the business.

The information that is given out through this tool can also be shared with others who have the same program. That means if you have a friend that has a program to help find bugs, then they can share this information with you.

If you are having problems with customer service, then you can also receive an automated report. You can even get reports about specific items that are making you and your employees angry. You will be able to fix these problems and put everyone happy again. This is a tool that everyone should have in their toolbox.

Pricing: The pricing plan starts at $10/user/month. It also has a free trial version


As we all know that the first step to bug fixing is prevention, so it is very important that you search for the bugs before they even start to multiply and become more annoying than the actual bug itself.

Many companies and programmers prefer to use the Bugzilla bug-tracking tool for this very purpose because this software allows the programmers to easily search out and identify the bugs that need immediate attention. Once the programmer fixes the problem, he/she can create a patch and then send it to the developers.

This type of software application helps in managing various types of websites like shopping carts, payment gateway and other related features. With web project management tools, it is possible to handle and coordinate different work flow across different websites.

It also helps the project managers to make the necessary changes in the website that might be required for smooth working. In other words, it helps in reducing the time for every task by making the entire process more organized and streamlined.

Pricing: The Bugzilla bug tracking tool is absolutely available to users for free


These are some of the best bug tracking tools that every company needs. These tools can be used by professionals in the IT and software development industry.

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