Best Job Search Websites For Job Seekers

Where do you find the best job posting online? It’s overwhelming to find the best job search websites as a job seeker. There are thousands of websites that post jobs online. The list we’ve compiled will assist you in finding a good job search websites and also help you with tips to enhance your chances of being contacted after you apply.

Job seekers apply for many jobs online today. To get the best out of searching for a job, you would want to apply for jobs that best suits your course of study. You would want to pick the website with jobs you’re interested in and qualified for. But first, important to know how employers choose where they advertise or promote jobs.

Most Human resource professionals and recruiters carefully choose where to post their job openings and several factors determine this. Some of the factors include: which websites are easy to use, which of them have produced good leads in the past and how much it costs to post jo openings. Choices vary depending on the type of jobs they’re trying to fill.

For job seekers, this suggests that your favorite job search website might not be the well-liked job search site for all companies. The important thing is which options recruiters use and believe are the foremost effective in attracting the best employees. As you check out the list we’ve carefully selected, keep this in mind and choose a few general job search websites and a minimum of one job website.

Some helpful tips to help you choose the best Job search website:

  • Slam email spams: It is important to open a professional email account only for job alerts from employment websites. You’ll also get a free, private Google Voice telephone number for applications.
  • Don’t pick only one job website: Most of the top job search websites like Monster, Glassdoor and Indeed post same job adverts. While some recruiters post only on their official company websites. So, signing up for more than one job search websites boost your chances of getting a good one.
  • Don’t sign up for all the job websites: It’s pointless to sign up for all the best job search websites and this can be exhausting. Try to sign up for 2 – 3 websites to save your sanity.

Yes, it’s not difficult to sign up for job search websites but the more you sign up, the more spam you’ll face.

  • Don’t rely only on automatic application or one-click- to apply: It’s true that setting up your profile to automatically apply for jobs is good but also try to customize your resume to match the job you’re applying for. It screams: right candidate!
  • You shouldn’t apply for all jobs: Over 70% of job seekers complain that employers never get back to them on the job search websites. Could it be a coincidence that majority of the candidates apply for every job, even when they aren’t qualified? Or that the majority don’t tailor resumes to fit the job description? I don’t think so. If you do not get your resume right, the applicant tracking system will never allow you get through to the employer or recruiter.
  • Set up notifications: Almost every job search website allows you to set reminders for saved job searches. Use them by fixing the criteria for location, salary, and other factors.

You can organize your callbacks on Google spreadsheet as they are available there.

Best Job search sites for recruiter and employees

Below is a list of the best websites for Job-seekers to find job openings:


Google jobs







Let’s go into them in detail.


As we all know; LinkedIn is a well-known networking that also acts as a job search website. Right under the job roles tab, type the keyword or job title you’re searching for. You’ll filter your job search by when it had been posted or by experience level.

One thing that is worthy of note about LinkedIn as a job search website is that it allows job seekers to filter the jobs posted by companies where they’ve got contacts or people in their network. You’ll also look for internships and remote work on this Job search site.

LinkedIn has earned a great respect as one of the best job search websites because of these two key functions:

Firstly, it delivers on posting jobs directly from recruiter. Secondly, it boosts job seekers networking outreach. Most Human Resources professionals’ source their qualified candidates from this platform. The amazing thing is that users can sign up for free, post rich profiles and connect with key industry power players with one click.

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Google jobs

This job search website is owned by Google. It is really not considered as a job search website kind of a job program. Google for jobs compiles listings from different sources which includes other job search engines – in your Google search results. This saves time and job seekers can easily find jobs from sources they didn’t expect.

It also allows users to narrow their job search by locations, company type, type of job, date posted and many others. So, what’s the need of signing up for multiple job search websites if you’ll get ads straight from Google? All you simply need to do is to look for job title + job, e.g., Investment manager, store keeper etc. Google stores up a list of matching Job openings near you. Job seekers can simply do this by clicking on the big blue bar to change locations and perform a more advanced search to find relevant jobs.


This job search website is known for posting anonymous company reviews. Glassdoor also lists job openings. You can furthermore get quick access to company reviews and salary information to assist you evaluate the company before you apply.

This site features a great, slick interface as it helps job seekers save job search results and notifies them of available job opening even while they’re asleep.

Go to website here

If you’re looking for the best website to search for a job where you can find almost every type and level of job, is your best shot. It also posts remote job opportunities. This site is available on mobile devices and job seekers can easily have access to job openings.

Just like Glassdoor, this website posts salary information and reviews of a company. It posts most of its jobs directly from the company websites. Some recruiters directly post their job openings on this site. 

Signing up is easy as all you need to do is to upload a resume, register and input all necessary details and then, click to apply for your desired job. Job seekers can also sign up to get email alerts whenever a new job that matches their saved job search is posted. This website is a leading website for job seekers.


This job search site is a formerly owned Nigerian website. They’re focused on connecting experienced job seekers with big companies. Recently, small companies pay to advertise their jobs on this website and there aren’t many available free services. 

Like we said earlier, Jobberman was formerly owned by a Nigerian who founded it on August, 2009. It was later acquired wholly by One Africa Media (OAM) in 2015. In 2016, OAM merged with Ringier Africa to become Ringier One Africa Media (ROAM).

In recent times, jobberman is one among the most popular job sites in Africa, and whether you’re trying to find IT jobs in Nigeria, jobs in Ghana, or vacancies in Abuja, this job search website remains an appropriate site with enormous database.

This Job search website has been existence since 2005 and advertises jobs mainly in South Africa. They still post job openings in Nigeria as they’ve hugely invested there

Careers24 is a known company alongside Media24 and benefits from being a part of the Naspers Group which is Africa’s largest media company. They used to be the foremost popular job site in Nigeria at some point but has not been functional in recent years. They are well known for posting the highest paid IT jobs in Nigeria years ago.


With this job search websites, job seekers can find all levels of jobs posted. There is also an app that makes it easier for job seekers to review jobs on the go. CareerBuilder has features like “recommended skills” to help assess your qualifications for employment.


This website posts the best job opening by an excellent anti-spam twist. If you’re not interested in seeing listings or offers from five years ago? Linkup has got your back on that.

This site also has tools like automated job search that makes the process straightforward and fast. Job openings posted on this website is accurate and is posted by actual humans.


With over 8 million job openings posted so far, this job search website is one of the best. Applying for jobs on this website takes just one click but it’s also advisable to customize your resume to match every new job you apply for.

ZipRecruiter is popular among employers and job-seekers as one of the perks is the messaging notification setup. Consistent with user reviews, search capability could also be somewhat lacking.


Another well-known job search website is Monster. This site list job opening for all experience levels and work styles. Even though it lacks filter for job salary, it has the expected search functionality for job-seekers. 

That said, there’s lots of excellent job opportunities. Additionally, it allows you to block your resume from current employers.


Finally, from the list we’ve been able to compile, job seekers should take advantage of this free blog services. All the ones we’ve posted are often available on most websites. Attempt to read many articles a day in addition to checking out jobs. 

Learn how to develop yourself too as you’re searching for job openings too. Job seekers can read articles on these blogs as it will enhance their job-hunting skills, interview preparations and overall career development.

Remember also that you simply shouldn’t limit your searching to only to job search websites. Some jobs are available on the employers’ website also. Make sure to search and apply for those jobs. Network, join professional associations, participate in job fares, and never give up on your dreams.

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