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Bluehost offers several different services for every hosting need including that of a VPS, Shared hosting, Reseller, and Dedicated server hosting. It is a leading web hosting provider based in the United States also call by may blue hosting. It is among the 20 biggest web hosts, together hosting more than 2 million domains worldwide.

The company works out of its own facility in Orem, Utah, where it operates all its servers internally. A large portion of its staff is located in Orem and its other branches are located in San Francisco, Virginia and New Hampshire. In the last two years alone, the company has grown tenfold in size and has acquired two new sites as well.

It offers several different services for every hosting need including that of a VPS, Shared hosting, Reseller, and Dedicated server hosting.

Some of the main service feature includes

  • SSD Storage for optimal speed file transfer.
  • Easy step-by-step set up for any Website, blog & online store even with starter themes.
  • Lightning-fast website speed, Suite of marketing tools, Multi-tiered security and backups,
  • Multi-tiered security with Web Application Firewall (WAF), DDoS, brute force attack protection and bot blocking.
  • keeping your site and customer data safe with free SSL Encryption.
  • Full redundancy throughout the platform delivering better than 99.9% uptime
  • Daily automated malware detection and removal to give you peace of mind
  • built-in scalability to meet traffic demands
  • with 200+ edge servers for Content delivery network to give better customer use
  • Multi-layer caching for maximum speed and efficiency of your site
  • Spam Protection Powered by Akismet to prevent harmful or unwanted content from ever reaching your site’s comment section.
  • Direct PayPal integration for payment processing in over 60 countries worldwide
  • Jetpack for wordpress users delivering many benefits, including enhanced site search and the ability to monetize your site with one-click ad creation.

Among other features being offered by the company include an online community for the customers and other customers alike. In addition, it also offers free domain names, website design help, shopping cart software, and a toll free phone number. These features are all included on the February upgrade package. It will be a one time charge.

The web hosting services that Bluehost also call “blue hosting” offers are all inclusive. It does not matter if you are looking for general site maintenance or specialized features like search engine optimization (SEO). Since the company offers a large range of services, even with just these two features, it is possible for any potential customer to find exactly what they want. Most of its features can be used without any extra effort.

However, the best part about Bluehost is its customer support. This is really the reason why people choose them for their website hosting needs. There is no hassle in getting the customer support because they offer 24-hour online support through email. From this point of view, any web hosting customer would find this feature very useful. The customer support also provides valuable information on website hosting plans and general information. There are even videos uploaded on the website which gives the customers a visual understanding of how the various features work.

In order to keep up with the growing popularity of the company, it adds another feature which is called the super-fast site subdomain hosting. With this feature, a website can get a new IP address in just a few minutes. This makes the site faster and much more efficient. This is why bluehost used to be the only web hosting provider who had this feature available. Now, there are almost a million websites using this feature at the same time.

Bluehost pricing

Another awesome aspect of Bluehost has to do with its web server. It supports almost every type of operating system which means that a website can be accessed through a number of computers even from different parts of the world. It was one of the first companies to have this kind of feature included in their service. It supports Linux, Windows, UNIX, Solaris, and SunOS.

As you can see, all the features and options that this web hosting company offers are highly useful for their customers. If you plan to purchase any of the plans offered by them, you can always avail of the free trial. Although it is free of charge, it will allow you to test their server before making any decision at all. Since all the plans that they offer come with a money back guarantee, you will not be wasting your money in case you do not like their services. They also offer a 24 hours customer support, which will provide you with answers to all your queries within that specific time frame. So, if you have any problems related to their services, you will never be held up.

This Web hosting companies also have NGinx for high performance and security features. The reason why most web servers are using it is because it supports PHP and MySQL, which are two of the most used and popular protocols today. You can expect your website to run very fast especially when it comes to loading images and videos. This web server pushes all the required data to your website through its fast and efficient web server connection. So, if you are still wondering whether or not you should go for Bluehost, the answer is already stamped on your forehead.

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