Click fraud detection/protection software for your business

Click fraud detection/protection software for your business


click fraud can be very harmful to the smooth operations of the online advertising industry. Without proper management, this type of activity can greatly affect the performance of your campaigns and websites.

Fraudulent click fraud continues to be a major problem for affiliates who want to make good money from PPC. This problem is also commonly known as “affiliate marketing gone wrong” or “click fraud”.

There are a lot of stories out there about affiliates who have made a ton of cash using affiliate marketing, only to run into problems later down the road.

This article will touch on a few ways to prevent your affiliates from making you lose money.

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What is Click fraud?

Click fraud is also known as pay per click fraud. This kind of fraud happens in pay per click internet marketing wherein advertisers are paid only if their ads are clicked by their ad units. In this kind of internet marketing, advertisers are paid only if their ads are clicked by their ad units.

There is no guarantee that your ad unit will click, but you can be assured that your advertisers are being paid for each click.

Some of the more common forms of fraudulent click fraud include: the ‘click here’ Fraud, wherein the user is directed to another site; ‘click and serve’, in which the ad served up is served from a server which was not set up for the particular website that was served, and ‘referral fraud’, in which the person who clicked on an advertisement is directed to another website.

Other forms of fraudulent click marketing include ‘bait’ sites, which generate ads without the user’s knowledge, and ‘wanted ads’, where ads are generated merely because the user types in certain information.

It should be noted that most of these types of Internet fraud are perpetrated by people who are well-aware that they are committing illegal activities, but they feel that it is worth the chance to get some easy cash from unsuspecting users.

click fraud can be very harmful to the smooth operations of the online advertising industry. Without proper management, this type of activity can greatly affect the performance of your campaigns and websites.

To prevent such things from happening, always make sure that all of the people who are responsible for the production of your ads and your campaigns are well aware of the rules of spamming.

You should train them and make sure that they know how to spot fraudulent clicks. If not, you could lose a lot of money and you might also lose your business.

In order to protect yourself against click fraud, you must first become aware of it. The safest way to do this is to make sure that you have a good understanding of the different types of fraudulent advertising techniques as well as the most common ways that these leaflets are distributed.

You can prevent being scammed by studying how to recognize the different kinds of leaflets and by being on your guard against strange looking websites.

Ways to prevent click fraud

There are ways to stop your clicks from being considered as click fraud. Below are some of them:

Reduce the number of keywords

The first and probably the easiest way to protect yourself from becoming a victim of click fraud is to ensure that you do not run a massive campaign using up to four or five keywords or tags. Because if you do, then you will begin to see your ad campaigns with thousands of invalid clicks, which will certainly send shoddy targeted traffic to your competitors.

You should try to target smaller keyword phrases and aim for long tail keyword optimization instead. This is the best way to make sure that you do not attract huge amounts of traffic that is simply clicking out of curiosity and has no intention of buying any products.

Click fraud

Place Ads on websites with targeted visitors

First, ad units must be placed on websites which have target visitors. These sites should not have ads that have text that does not fit the site content. Also, multiple advertisements must be placed on a single page if there is space available.

Control of Inflatable banners

Another way to prevent click fraud is through the control of inflatable banners. An inflatable banner that has words on it such as “this product is excellent” should be used on websites with sales-oriented articles. These words should be in bold letters and it should be included in the article headline.

You can also do some testing on your advertising campaign by placing an inflatable banner across the top of the page and tracking the number of visitors who click on it.

Some people also use bots to manipulate online marketing. There are programs or software that you can install on your computer that will act like automated web servers.

These bots are made to look like real humans so that they will respond to queries and send out sales messages automatically.

However, when these bots are connected to websites that have lots of traffic, invalid clicks on these sites can be expected. A lot of money can be lost because advertisers will not get valid clicks to their advertising campaigns.

Monitor invalid clicks

In addition, if you find that what you see on your monitor is nothing but invalid clicks, then you should investigate further. Check to see whether there is someone or a group of people that are clicking on your ad.

Do you find that their IP address is pointing to a country that you have never heard of? There are malicious attackers that can set up a server in your country or they can even use fake IP addresses. Be sure to find out more about the person or group behind the clicks so that you can block them from doing what they do.

Target buyers only

One effective way to reduce your chances of being a victim of this type of click fraud is to only target buyers who are ready to buy right now.

Try targeting buyers who are ready to make a purchase of at least three months’ duration because this ensures that you have plenty of time to make your sales pitch and create campaigns that get you the best results.

If you want to ensure that you have a low click fraud ratio, then this is a good way to achieve it as you will only be targeting buyers ready to make a purchase right now, rather than buyers who might be interested in your product but not ready to spend money right now.

How do you stop click fraud?

A common problem for webmasters is how do you stop click fraud. In this modern age, many people are clicking on links that send them to fraudulent websites. These sites steal your personal information so that they can use it for spamming and spam sending.

So, the question becomes, who is to blame if a visitor gets his or her information stolen? That’s where you will need to find out who is to blame and fix the problem.

Before you can ask this question, however, you have to realize that the question is even needed. After all, an understanding of why someone would want to click on a particular link from your website is just as important as stopping click fraud in the first place.

The most common answer to the question is that webmasters and marketers don’t understand that they should stop using links provided by other people. They think that they can continue to get the traffic and increase their page rankings with the help of these links.

But this isn’t the best way to tackle the problem. Sure, you might increase your page rankings for a little while but what happens when someone decides to remove those high page rankings and replace them with a low page ranking?

Suddenly, you’re suddenly fighting with your Google AdSense account. You can’t just put up a new ad campaign, because the old one was clicked. If that happens, you’ll be left with no traffic and no customers.

Some of the ways to stop click fraud are:

Protect your websites with cookies

Well, one of the easiest ways is to make sure that your web pages are protected by a cookie. These cookies make your browsing much safer and more secure. With that said, you also want to make sure that the information coming in isn’t personal information.

Many webmasters are careful to make sure that no personal information leaks through, but others aren’t as careful.

Advertise only products you’re promoting

One of the ways you can stop click fraud is to be sure that you’re not advertising for the product that you’re promoting. If a visitor comes to your site, then they’re already interested in that particular product.

If you’re trying to sell them something else, they’re more likely to click away. This is called counter-battery and if you take this simple step, you can reduce your web master’s effectiveness. Just remember to check the quality of your links.

Make sure your links are relevant

You want to make sure that your links are relevant, they’re from a trusted source and they’re personal information free. Also, check for ‘Do Not Track’ tags on your links. This will help you avoid having your IP tracked and it’s a good way to stay out of the ‘spam’ lists at Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Verify visitor’s identity

To stop click fraud, advertisers must have a system in place that verifies the visitor’s identity before letting them into their system. The visitor should have supplied their name and address so that the ad does not just appear randomly.

There should be a phone number provided, either toll free or a cell phone number, so that the advertiser can be contacted should there be any question about the validity of the visitor. This should be done not only to discourage the fraudulent clicks, but also to ensure that legitimate ad revenue is not being taken from invalid clicks.

Discern real visitors from impostors

It is also important to have a system in place for advertisers to discern between their real traffic and impostors, which can easily be done by looking at the source code of the page the visitor lands on after clicking an advertisement.

For example, there are many places on the internet where the code will include the word “affiliates”, or a company that is selling products or services. This could all mean that the visitor is not looking at an actual product or service and is clicking on the advertisement in order to try to make a profit.

Best Click fraud software

Below is a detailed list and highlight of the best click fraud software for detection and protection:









This click fraud software provides the means for an advertiser to monitor all transactions that take place on their website and in the event that a fraudulent transaction takes place, the system will screen the transaction and either flag it as suspicious or terminate the advertiser from using the site.

In addition, it offers webmasters and site owners’ free fraud protection and fraud education. Their goal is to provide protection and education to both new and long-time internet users about online security and fraud prevention techniques.

They also offer complimentary fraud alerts to notify the advertiser if any suspicious activity is found on their sites.

It is a leading provider of Internet security and fraud protection, ClickCease has introduced a new anti-fraud solution called Click Protect. This new anti-fraud solution takes fraud prevention a step further by offering real-time protection from Click fraud.

The company states that clicking Protect is designed to prevent the threat of phishing scams by matching a user’s IP address with the IP address of an advertiser.

When a user places a purchase order on an advertiser’s website, this information is sent back to ClickBank which acts as the middleman and acts to investigate and confirm whether or not the transaction is legitimate.

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This is an effective tool that helps you quickly detect, stop and manage click fraud on the Internet. This anti-fraud application is a proven leader in the anti-fraud industry on the Internet. By instantly reporting fraudulent activity to both ClickGuard and the customer.

It makes fraud on the Internet a much more difficult problem to address. With over 30 years of experience and ongoing research to bring detection, blocking and removal of fraud much easier for businesses and individuals alike, this software provides an invaluable service to the Internet community.

This year’s World Wide Web and technology market size are shifting rapidly towards cloud-based services and solutions. As a result, it has become increasingly important for corporations and other organizations to take a comprehensive approach to combating Internet fraud.

As cloud-based solutions continue to gain traction and popularity, fraud software vendors must evolve to embrace the new landscape or risk becoming irrelevant.

In order to remain a relevant and viable option in the fraud software market share. It has taken several major strategic steps to position itself to meet the changing demands of the future.

Through a series of strategic alignments, it has also positioned itself to realize its goal of being the premier choice in web-based protection against ClickBank scams, spam and other types of online scams. At the core of our strategy is our unique product type cloud-based anti-spam product.

The innovative anti-spam technology, we have developed will work with your existing business logic and application logic, thereby simplifying the process of identifying potential scams.

We believe that by aligning our product type, such as anti-fraud technology with other advanced products, such as ClickBank product type e-commerce payment processing, will help to further build our brand name and position us as the leading Web-based anti-spam provider.

By combining this software’s unique features with the rapidly growing business opportunities provided by e-commerce, we believe that we can achieve our growth objectives in a difficult economy.


The Clixtell Click Fraud System has created a huge buzz in the fraud industry recently. This is because this innovative fraud detection and prevention software have a neat feature that allows it to automatically email alerts to all your known accounts, potentially fraudulent activity, and other vital information pertaining to your business.

As a business owner, you should know how important it is to keep a close eye on your expenses and business dealings. This is why most fraud systems can come highly recommended, such as this software.

If you want to purchase an anti-fraud system, then it would do you well to seek the advice of a trusted anti-fraud company. This is because there are tons of fraud software systems out there, but only a handful of them can be trusted enough to provide the type of services and protection needed by business owners.

This Click fraud software is definitely one of these products, and it has received great reviews by both owners and users of this system. This is because of the many ground breaking features this system has to offer.

The system is actually four different components that work together to detect potential fraud, stop it in its tracks, and deal with any resulting consequences.


This click fraud software is one of the easiest ways to get around search engine results and it will also not really affect the way that Google places things on its site in any way. If you are wondering why, it’s important to stop this from happening to you then let me give you some advice.

First of all, there is quite a bit of fraud software out there, but none of it is actually effective. This click fraud software uses a program known as “Google Adwary Spyware” which basically works by recording the website that you are on at the time of the download.

It then goes ahead to compare this to a list of websites that you have visited, and if it finds anything on the website that is suspicious then it will report on it.

The whole thing can be very frustrating, because you can’t really do anything about it. This is because it will just show up on your screen whether or not you like it, and there is no way for you to stop it from showing up.

Fortunately, there is a simple way around this if you want to use this click fraud software to protect yourself. All you need to do is look for a program that is able to look beyond the surface of the code. You can get software that will take a look at the HTML of the page code and try to determine if there is anything wrong with it.


This click fraud software is a computer program that uses the Internet, computer programming languages, and other computer related technology to automatically fill in forms, and submit them to online advertising companies.

The main characteristics of options click fraud software include its use of deception, which are to generate revenue for the company that will make the fraudulent transaction, and also using very subtle deception which is to ensure that no one who may be interested in the product, finds out about it.

This type of dishonest application is not very difficult to create, but it can be carried out easily and quite effectively by using many different types of computer programs. These programs were specifically designed to fill in order to increase the company’s revenue and profit margins, with no consideration to the consequences to the consumer or any innocent third party.

Examples of this fraud are very simple, such as creating false opt-in forms, generating fake emails, selling customer information and referral programs.

Some of the fraudulent click fraud software programs are relatively easy to detect because they are usually listed in common directories, have common themes, and are generally designed to resemble legitimate business opportunities.

Products are offered for sale on the Internet at a low price, so even the smallest program is able to generate revenue.

It is essential that the user should always check that the opticks click fraud software that they are purchasing is legitimate before making any purchases. There are plenty of review websites available, as well as those created by professionals.

Many of these websites will provide unbiased reviews, along with links to the original websites where you can purchase this type of software without worrying about being scammed.

In addition, you should make sure that the company that you are purchasing the click fraud software from has been around for some time, as this shows that they are stable and reliable. You should also find out how long the company has been in business.

Fraud happens every day, and it is important to know that if you purchase a fraud detection software program you will be able to detect it quickly and have your money back.

You should also consider the reputation of the company that you are thinking about buying the Click Fraud Prevention Software from.

A large number of new companies will offer you the latest Click Fraud Protection products but will ultimately fail in the long run. For this reason, it is best to stick with well established, quality companies who have a proven track record.


This is a leading anti-click fraud software product that helps to protect against any attempt by a rogue web surfer to fraudulently acquire personal details of a person who has activated the privacy protection mechanism on their PC.

It is one of the best products available that not only block unwanted web traffic but also helps to protect the identity of the user from being stolen as well as preventing any unnecessary activity from happening on the PC.

If you are not using Ad Protector, then you are probably letting your identity and personal information are stolen every single day. You must get a free demo of Ad Protector and try it out for yourself to see the difference it makes.

When you make use of this click fraud software, you can rest assured that no spyware or adware will ever be able to intrude upon your PC. Also, if there is a sudden increase in the number of pop-ups appearing at odd intervals, then it could be because your PC has been infected with malicious programs.

You will be delighted to know that you can get rid of these programs once and for all using Ad Protector.

It is also an ideal Internet security tool that helps to protect your computer from possible spyware, virus and other harmful programs. It works on the principle of blocking pop-up ads on your browser that appear every time you browse the Internet. B

Basically, this keeps your PC busy so that you do not have to be bothered about them popping up randomly. All you need to do is to install the software and let it scan your PC.


Click fraud prevention

This click fraud software reports to you by email every time a click is made. You can choose whether or not to forward the information on to your friends or family. If someone calls you and asks you for money you can tell them no.

You can set up a system in which you only forward the information if 100% verified by you. This way no one can take advantage of you have more peace of mind. This is how you protect yourself from scams.

Appsflyer is a PPC fraud management company. The owners, Steve and Janice were looking for a way to make money on the Internet. They surfed through search engines trying to come across programs that would let them promote an affiliate product without having to actually create the product and sell it.

After doing a little bit of research they realized that a lot of these programs were just scams that were going around the Internet. 


The best way to prevent click fraud is to set a system that can easily detect them. The software we listed above can go a long way to keep your business safe. We hope you find them helpful.

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