Customer Service For Better Business Efficiency

Customer service efficiency means that you need to spend the least amount of time in providing customer service. Being efficient is the key word when it comes to customer service, and that goes both ways.

Let’s take a look at a well-known quote to explain how efficiency can be intelligent laziness.

“Efficiency is intelligent laziness.” The quote originates from David Dunham, and is often used to

imply that what takes conscious effort in doing things right, can make us more efficient by making it an automatic behavior.

Understanding how to efficiently deliver quality customer service will help grow your company in a number of ways. It’s not just about saving money and time, but it also provides consistency and

creates an image of trust for your business. For instance, agents can work more efficiently by

delegating tasks among each other and focusing on specific aspects of the job that require the most skill.

Customers nowadays are more demanding, they often want to be acknowledged and treated with respect. If you are not satisfying their needs, they have an endless list of places where they

can buy products or services. It is important to establish proper customer service practices so that your customers feel valued and satisfied.

Customer service matters because it improves business efficiency. A well-trained customer service team can provide excellent customer service management. They can also improve the

company’s reputation by resolving complaints in a timely manner.

Effective Customer Service VS Efficient Customer Service

Customer service is the heart of any business. However, whether it’s effective or not often comes down to how efficient that customer service is. If you have the time to be efficient then it doesn’t

mean that you’re effective but if being effective comes at the expense of being efficient, then the trade-off isn’t worth it.

Customer Care is Essential: Here's How to Do it Better
effective customer service VS efficient customer service

Customer service that is efficient, provides business with an easier way to deal with issues and also saves the customer from the frustration of waiting for a reply.

Take these scenarios as examples:

Effective Customer Service:

  1. You spend 30mins on the phone with a passenger to change his flight reservation.
  2. Going to clients’ homes to carry out furniture assessment in person.
  3. Corresponding with clients through email over the course of several hours trying to troubleshoot a digital product

Efficient customer service:

  1. Making available a system that lets passengers change their reservations by simply sending a text.
  2. Reducing time and cost of travel by utilizing video call to assess furniture repairs.
  3. Resolutions, could be handled by the clients utilizing self-service provided by the company thereby reducing handle time.

As a passenger, which of these would you opt for?

It’s not always true that customer service should be quick. Even though we might think this,

sometimes providing an amazing customer service experience can take longer.

However, according to some of the best experiences I’ve had, money & resources are not always

the most important. Take Zappos, for example. They try their best to provide what their customers need without worrying about cost or any other resource.

Effective vs efficient communication

Something that is done well would typically be considered effective. A synonym for effective is

“adequate,” which usually means to meet needs in an acceptable way. To be efficient in a task

typically means to carry it out well or quickly and without wasting time or energy.

Does Efficiency, Improve Customer Service?

One of the most common questions that come up in customer service is whether efficiency can

improve customer satisfaction. When it comes to efficiency, there is a fine line between being

too quick and being too slow.

In this article, we will explore how companies can strike a balance between the two and understand when efficiency improves customer service.

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customer service

There are many different use cases for this topic. For example, we could explore how companies

would benefit from having an online chat system that can replace phone calls and emails.

Making things easier for customers is essential for customer service. Quick, friendly, and helpful service can have a big impact on customer sentiment.

If you think about your customer journey to find and purchase your product or service, what

steps comprise that process? Some companies map out the whole process, streamline each

step, and use automation to optimize. They’re trying to improve the customer experience by

making their pricing plans & delivery options more clear and providing helpful information,

like knowledge bases or live chats. All of this allows customers to get help faster and easier.

Importance Of Speed And Accuracy In Customer Service

It’s just as competitive in business as it is anywhere else, and customers always want to find someone who has what they’re looking for fast.

Otherwise, the customer will just contact somebody else.customer service is a huge priority for

customers, which means that speed, accuracy and efficiency are equally important.

Product Quality or Speed of Service: Which One Is More Important for Your  Business?
importance of speed and accuracy

So being fast is just as important as being accurate, efficient or any other aspect of customer service.

Outstanding customer support entails a lot of things and can be very stressful.To be a qualified customer service representative, one must have excellent skills/knowledge, a strong personality

with the ability to help customers, the ability to manage time and more, empathy and care for customers. This is all in addition to excellent writing skills.

For most people, the daily activities of a service personnel tend to become routine and boring. This makes the job more difficult,

especially with customers that demand quick service. The customer’s desire for service at the

level of efficiency, knowledge, and immediacy has thus become a very real need. The temptation

to provide mediocre services in order to meet the customers’ expectation for speed is a strong fear since things can get lost or forgotten. See Also: Customer Care

Understand The Customer’s Problem

One fantastic way to get better at customer service is by actively trying to understand the

customer’s problem and work on how the company can fix it. Customers often look for a

company that will listen and empathize with their needs and provide an easy, transparent

solution. People today often have a lot of expectations and those expectations usually come

with the need for efficiency and speed. One of the top reasons for customers to leave a

company or provide low ratings is slow service. Online transactions and shopping carts are abandoned every day for the same reason – delays and slower than expected service and

navigation. It is difficult to please every customer yet their expectations are different.

This means that companies are unable to provide you with the exact level of service that you are after.

Customers want personalized service and speedy resolutions to their problems.

Companies with a human-oriented outlook and customer service ethic would be more likely to retain a larger number of customers as a result.

Companies that struggle with keeping customers would be unable to provide quality customer service. Customers of today know about all the tools out there for doing research, so if the

company is struggling with providing answers quickly, it’s possible they just don’t have enough workers on staff.

As a result of all these factors, customers no longer feel like waiting or accepting slow service.

Customer Service Speed;

Companies who invest in speed in customer service will be the ones who thrive, staying ahead of

the competition.Client-oriented companies that are approachable and always ready to help will attract a lot of potential customers.

Times have changed – for the better. Today, customers want more than just the bare minimum when it comes to customer service and businesses are fully aware.

That’s why companies like ours make sure everything is done in order for our clients to be happy and maintain loyal customers in the process. Yet they still don’t want it to be perfect, because now customers are asking for improvements.

They expect businesses to try and understand their point of view.A company that can’t keep up with these high standards, and is slow to provide customer service, will face being ignored by their customers.

Quality customer service can be achieved by speaking to their needs quickly, not just accurately. One survey found that speedy customer service beats out knowledge of agents, accuracy & professionalism.Most customers these days are saying that they refuse to stay with companies who can’t provide quick responses to customer service requests.

Finally, the demand for digital services and experiences has been at an all-time high and businesses have been forced to quickly adapt to meet changing customer expectations. As such, providing excellent customer service online is now seen as a key differentiator – a way to stand out from competitors, grow revenue and provide more value. 

Improving Your Customer Service Efficiency In 4 Steps

Customer service is about much more than just supporting existing customers. It really about how you approach and assist people who interact with your business.

Businesses can grow revenues up to 8% above their market when they prioritize better customer service experiences. There’s no doubt it plays an essential role in the entire customer lifecycle.

61% of customers have stopped doing business with a brand due to a poor customer experience.

So how can businesses provide excellent customer service throughout the customer journey in the new normal? It all comes down to efficiency and providing personalized, proactive and real-time customer experiences.

Endorse Customer Feedback:

  Customers should be given an opportunity to express how they feel or an online appraisal. Take out time to ask them about the product or service they purchase and their take about it, and also give them incentives to appreciate them.

Effective Communication:

Tone Management (formal versus the informal) and the kind of approach you use with your customer, like answering calls at your demanding periods. Times like this you have to make sure you listen attentively to the customer without rude responses, remember the customer is always right!!!

Create Effortless Customer service:

The ease at which your customers can be able to locate you should be considered, create an accessible call care that is available 24/7. There shouldn’t be any barrier between you and your customers at any point.

Respect Your Staff Like You Respect Your Customers:

Pay attention to your staff the same way you do to your customers, it will help them treat your customers nicely. sometimes when you visit certain organizations you feel so much uncomfortable because of how the staffs were rude or ill-mannered. This can be averted if as a manager you care for them, acknowledge them by giving them awards, field trips, having a smooth communication with them.

 Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Tool

It is another way we can improve good customer relationship and efficiency for better result,

What is Customer Relationship Management?

 CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. It’s a technology that aids smooth interactions with customers and potential customers.

How Start-ups Can Benefit by Using Customer Relationship Management
what is CRM?

A CRM system helps organizations build and develop customer relationships and streamline

processes so they can increase sales, improve customer service, and increase profitability.

There are laid down principles and guideline every organization has to survey for an easy

interaction with customers. Therefore, we can say that CRM helps companies get new customers,

win their trust and provide them with adequate support all through their relationship.

What Are the Benefits Of CRM?

 Most companies or organizations can also achieve from this. Talking about sales, recruiting good

customer service, marketing, good business development and so much more. Other benefits include:

  • CRM keeps record of all customers.
  •  Identifying sales opportunities.
  •  Recording service issues.
  •  Managing marketing campaign.
  •  Efficient team work.
  •  Cost cutting
  • Increase in sales.

Types of CRM Software

  • Salesforce
  • Wonesuite
  • ZOHO
  • Hub Spot
  • Dynamics

Among this CRM software mentioned above the one I will recommend for good customer relationship and  efficiency is Wonesuite

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