Galaxy S24 Ultra to Sport Dual 5x and 10x Optical Zoom Lenses If Latest Leaks Prove True


A last-minute rumor threatens to upend expectations around the Galaxy S24 Ultra’s vaunted zoom camera array. Just over a month from its anticipated launch, a Korean report diverges from leaked specs indicating possibly superior optical reach. The changes hint Samsung may emphasize even greater photography versatility versus its predecessors.

Thus far tips uniformly pointed to a 3x telephoto pairing with either a 5x or 10x counterpart. But fresh intel from The Elec instead pegs dual 5x and 10x lenses gracing the S24 Ultra. If accurate, it presents users an unmatched combination of mid-range flexibility and extreme magnification.

By relying primarily on a gargantuan 200MP sensor for standard and slight 2-3x zoom, the 5x lens can dedicate 50 megapixels for crisper portraits to cityscapes. Meanwhile the 10x handles far distances without overly sacrificing quality akin to digital zoom.

The setup may allow unprecedented hybrid zoom shooting as well. Toggling between the 5x optical and AI-enhanced 10x could satisfy photographers and busy parents alike with generous framing latitude.

Of course, it’s wise to still wield skepticism over any unofficial tidbits. But with the S24 launch in clear sight, major last-minute tweaks can’t be ruled out either. Samsung may intend to leapfrog rivals and cement its camera phone leadership through these multidimensional lenses projected in this leak.

One way or another, the true optics configuration will emerge soon during Samsung’s unveiling, likely at January’s anticipated launch venue. But in the interim, the ambitious specifications suggested in this rumor already seem to push the boundaries of today’s mobile photography even further.

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