Google Kicks Off Gemini AI Invasion To Rival ChatGPT, Embedding New Model in Pixel, Bard Now and Beyond


Google marshals its army of artificial intelligence to march into battle against rival giant ChatGPT. The search leader’s omnipotent new Gemini model splinters into specialized versions – codenamed Nano, Pro and the mythical Ultra. Each now permeates different Google products and services in an ambitious offensive.

Leading the vanguard is Gemini Pro, which already fortifies Google’s chatbot Bard with enhanced reasoning and planning smarts. Early adopters also spy Gemini’s AI infusion across Google Workspace apps via the Gemini API, bringing revolutionary intelligence to documents, sheets and slides.

But the massive evolution users can actually touch lands on Google’s Pixel 8 Pro phone. Its upgraded Recorder app harnesses Gemini Nano to generate audio summaries and identify speakers. The taste of on-device AI hints at mining smartphone sensors for assistance someday.

And edging over the horizon creeps the mythical Gemini Ultra – benign in name only. Once fully formed, Gemini’s mightiest incarnation may surpass all rivals in pure problem-solving potency, including humans per Google’s boasts.

For now, Gemini spreads its existing tendrils to bring more utility via better language mastery, search and predictions. But make no mistake – Google is now on war footing to cement dominance as AI becomes indispensable technology.

So while Gemini may play nice today, smart money bets on the model increasing ubiquity and intelligence exponentially in short order. Because Google surely crafted its namesake AI system for gentle computing no more than Greek mythology actually birthed the Gemini twins Castor and Pollux. Expect formidable power soon enough.

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