The purpose of life is growth. the journey to self-discovery and how to reinvent yourself should be a conscious decision with a laid path towards your goal.

At some point you feel detached when you take up another form to start living your life the way other people wants you to. If your life is out of placement with what you are passionate about and what you want to accomplish, it’s time to take a new path one that is entirely yours.

It is crucial for you to first find your true passion, as this will help you define the directions you want to take. the next thing is to open yourself to possibilities and opportunities.

Still, you need to develop internal focus and figure out how to prioritize your life, If you really want to resuscitate yourself. Focus is the capability to place your attention on only one thing.

During this step, concentrate on clearing space in your life, and in your mind, for this reinvention process to take place results  have proven that on average, it takes 66 days before a behavior becomes programmed. But this doesn’t mean overall reinvention will take place in 66 days.

To considerably alter your situations, affluence and behaviors can take more months or years. This article will therefore teach you several ways in which you can reinvent yourself and become a better and creative version


To adapt to a different style, make efforts to create solutions to problems. Meet people who have positive thought and are willing to tell you the truth at all times.

If you have people who constantly agree to everything you say without challenging you or telling you there is another way to it, you definitely have a problem. Discover yourself by doing something you’re passionate about, it could be outside your job or the regular.

To reinvent you have to be uncomfortable where you are be  ready to try doing something outside the box. how to reinvent yourself for the long term

what does it mean to reinvent yourself
what does it mean to reinvent yourself


Think outside the box:

This cliché will never grow old. the path to reinventing yourself requires you to posses an elastic mind and think beyond the ordinary. Things keeps changing so you must learn how to adapt with the changing times.

Change your old habits:

  stop procrastinating. If you are in the habit of doing this or other habits that keep you fixed at a particular place, you need to amend just like the saying goes ‘you can’t keep doing same thing, the same way and expect a different result “ don’t be relaxed, move and make that decision today!!


Remember I talked about finding your purpose!! There are people who have walked through the same path you have chosen and succeeded in it. You need to seek their guidance or learn from them because they can provide you with the necessary resources you will need in reinventing yourself. Mentorship could be direct or indirect

Read new books:

there are so many important things hidden in a book. there is a need for one to be updated and exercise the brain. this will help you keep up with so many recent activities

Don’t forget to always plan and set realistic goals:

  you always have to be principled and at the same time set achievable goals, ensure to have your schedules  and engagement planned to avoid distractions

How To reinvent yourself after losing everything?

When you loose everything what next! This guide will show you how to change your life for the better, using a few simple steps. 

Appreciate yourself:

that new outfit, haircut, or even if it is a little achievement you’ve made, take time to appreciate it and applaud yourself for it. You need that emotional boost

Take out time to meet the right people:

in moment’s connected world it’s easier than ever to network with people from each over the world.

While people have associated social networking with meeting new musketeers and chancing job openings, you can also connect with people who can change you for the better.

Don’t blame others:

for what happened rather own up to your mistakes and learn and improve from them, it will make you a better person

Educate Yourself:

by expanding your knowledge it will help you personally and professionally. It could be by acquiring new skills . Be encouraged to do more

Time management:

be strategic about your plans, set deadlines for your work and ideas and work towards it to avoid distractions. Make your time useful and profitable. Time lost cannot be regained, learn how to prioritize your time

Wake up early:

Wake up beforehand when you wake up beforehand you tend to finish other conditioning on time and it’ll surely make you a better person, give further time to rest. You can do further when you wake up beforehand

To Reinvent Yourself Take the risk:

you cannot be a better person if you are afraid to take risk, until you move out from your comfort zone there wont be any growth

Keep hope alive:

as bad as your situation might be it is not the end. You must decide the next step to take as it would help you be more focused rather than dwelling in the problem

Talk to someone:

in such moment you should confide in someone you trust , it will help if you have emotional support and clarity to navigate, make sure you open up about your challenges and ask for help

It is okay to take time off and organize your thoughts:

don’t be in a hurry , planning is essential when trying to reinvent yourself . it would help if you took a break to plan and return with new ideas

To Reinvent Yourself Be ready for difficult decision:

reinventing oneself may require making difficult decision which may include changing your environment, your job, staying away from people who wont help you grow and changing bad habits .

to reinvent yourself be ready for difficult decision
to reinvent yourself be ready for difficult decision


Ask yourself questions:

Be frugal and make wise decisions, if you don’t need a particular item don’t go for it. Think about it thoroughly and see if you would be needing it after few weeks or months of purchase.

Save for emergencies(short term):

save money at least twice in a month if you have plans to achieve something or purchase something later. But its appropriate to save money for rainy days.

Save up for long term:

put your money in any standard saving account You ’ll also want to start saving as much as you

can as beforehand as you can to maximize the emulsion interest you can make, which is

principally interest you ’ve made on the quantum you ’ve invested also earning interest.

Don’t be strict with yourself:

 just because you wan to start saving up doesn’t mean you wouldn’t look after yourself.

Get things that are necessary and good for yourself so as to stay on track while managing your budget

Learn how to make more money:

build more on what you already know. In order to stay financially buoyant, you need to learn more about tools and take advantage of opportunities.


Be a professional in a particular field:

you have to focus on a particular area and be good in it, read books that are related and put everything into practice

Do more career research:

Do more career hunting online and also how you present yourself will either attract people or make them ignore you.

This can be done by having a good social media profile, such as linkedin etc

To Reinvent Yourself You Need To Establish yourself:

while you are still focused on your job try to get a new skill and develop it so as to be open and ready for new opportunities

Realign your professional relationship:

it could be that you are mingling with people who are not helping you professionally, you can decide to pick your mentor amongst your senior who is very good at what he does

To Reinvent Yourself Get Results:

it is good to be intentional about getting results ,it means you have to set objectives and work

hard to achieve them. Ensure that there is a timeline to evaluate yourself and compare it with your old self.

get result
get result


Finally reinvention is part of living, and to be truly alive you have to keep adapting and recreating

yourself. so therefore, you need to learn how to do things that are relevant to your live, set out

new goals and try your best to achieve them.

Reinventing yourself means to change corridor of yourself that you don’t like or are no longer serving you.

It could mean changing your profession, bad habits, traits, or indeed pursuing new skills.

However, it might be because of one of two reasons, if you feel like you want to resuscitate yourself.

take a turn from that career, relationship, wrong paths you have been climbing. You need both guidance and a disciplined lifestyle.

Be yourself, Be honest to yourself, think positively, create new ideas and carry them out!!

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