Improving work productivity with mobile form automation

Improving work productivity with mobile form automation


This solution gives users the platform to easily connect online which in turn helps remote team provide accurate updates. Users are able to utilize this solution in filling out and submitting of paper forms like audits, reports and inspections using their mobile devices.

Benefits of Mobile Forms Automation

Integrating a mobile form automation solution into a company’s workflow system can increase productivity level and additionally improve various aspects of everyday workflow. Below are some other benefits:

Improve productivity – Automation solutions like mobile form reduces multitasking within a company. Office operation such as data collection, reporting, and storage are performed automatically. This helps employees to concentrate more on strategic tasks leaving all other routine operations to mobile forms.

Improves team collaboration – With mobile form automation solutions, work among teams can easily be distributed and information can be collected from various employees involved in a project. The information collected can be stored in a secured place. It also helps to reduce time spent on searching for file thereby increasing time spent on more strategic tasks.

Time spent on data collection is reduced – Fast collection of relevant data is one of the many benefits of this solution. With this, businesses can easily access necessary data and this increases the operational efficiency.

Reduce carbon footprint – Now that businesses are becoming eco-friendly and place so much attention on sustainability technologies, this simply gives a perfect opportunity to substitute paperwork. With this approach, businesses are able to reduce costs and protect the environment at the same time.

Systems can be accessed on the go – Finally, mobile form automation solution help to regulate business workflow from anywhere and at any time streamlining the processes.

Examples of how mobile forms automation solutions are used:

Offsite and remote work locations

If for instance, work takes you to carry out a project in rural locations where there’s no reliable cell or Internet connection, a field data collection app like mobile forms provides an answer for you to complete paperwork and return it to the office faster.

This process is made easy because of the offline functionality of mobile form. Data are collected in real-time no matter where a jobsite is located.

This solution enables managers to gather completed report every week and then send to internal stakeholders and customers. Teams are also able to provide accurate and frequent updates as they have access to information faster on mobile devices.

Driver and fleet management

For logistics and companies with a fleet, drivers’ complete deliveries and jobs daily. So, for every job done, drivers are required to complete several forms. This is where Mobile form automation solution comes in as this paperwork including relevant photos, GPS and time stamping data in the field can be captured and sent back to the office instantly.

With this, the office gets a real-time information of the status of the work, vehicle, and driver. For dispatchers, this solution enables them to have access to the present data sooner and also keep clients better informed of progress at every stage of transport and delivery.

Purchase order requests

Another instance is when work is done outside the office, request for parts, materials and supplies are made. After this request is summitted through a mobile forms app, a purchase order (PO) can be automatically created. This way, employees can continue with their work as the purchase order has been sent to the accounting department while they await a feedback. 

Picture of receipts from purchases can be taken so that employees don’t need to worry about misplacing the receipts in the process of scanning or mailing them. This is also useful to the accounting department because these PO requests can be sent to them directly. By the time accounting department receives the bills later, they will match up the POs and confirm that every purchase is authorized.


Documentation for every construction cycle is mostly automated, including contracts, repair templates, timesheets, inspection reports, and contractor tracking activities. Mobile form automation solution becomes the right instrument for construction project manager’s as it allows them to regulate and streamline the documentation workflow.

Facility management

Businesses working in the field can enjoy data collection forms in various locations streamlining the reporting to the head office. These reports can be created in few minutes and distributed across all parties involved. These reports include: work orders, inspection checklists, contracts, costs estimation and the rest of them. Additionally, information can be securely stored one central location with quick access to any employee.

Energy and utilities

Finally, the energy and utilities sectors can also use this solution as they get to benefit from the automatization of regulatory compliance. Other operation activities include: reports, forms collection from all types of geotagged data, photos, audio, video, and signatures, safety surveys, and work orders. Mobile form apps help to streamline the gathering and sharing of data in the field.

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