Improving work productivity with mobile form automation

Improving work productivity with mobile form automation


This solution gives users the platform to easily connect online which in turn helps remote team provide accurate updates. Users are able to utilize this solution in filling out and submitting of paper forms like audits, reports and inspections using their mobile devices.

Top 7 Mobile form automation solutions

Below is a list of the best mobile forms automation solutions:



Forms ablaze



Fastfield forms

PDF share forms

Let’s dive into explaining each of them.


This mobile form automation solution is designed to provide a cloud-based drag-and-drop process modelling tool that permits users to make and edit process diagrams using BPMN standards.

This tool goes ahead to resize and label all process elements and allows import and export of processes in the BPMN format. Users are allowed to make multi-language forms and sub forms without programming knowledge.

As we’ve previously mentioned the importance of choosing a solution that has an offline access. ProcessMaker enables users to fill mobile forms and later synchronize data after coming online.

This platform also provides an activity dashboard that provides visibility for users on how processes and employees are performing. Furthermore, this solution creates personalized dashboards based on process efficiency index and employee efficiency index.

Users can subscribe to monthly pricing options.

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This is a mobile form automation solution that is powered by Safety Culture. It gives users the permission to create checklists, file reports and conduct inspections through a tablet or mobile device. This solution is meant for a wide range of industries that need safety audits and inspections.

Users are able to capture variety of data in various file types and store audit history digitally to determine and view trends over time. With this solution, users are also able to digitally create safe audit forms and develop interactive checklist templates. Paper forms can be easily converted into digital formats by recreating them in iAuditor.

Additionally, like the feature we listed above, with or without network connection users can conduct inspections. This solution allows users to export and email reports in different formats after inspection. These formats include: PDF, XML, CSV and DOCX. iOS, Android and Windows mobile devices are compatible with iAuditor app, and interfaces with the larger Safety Culture suite.

Forms on fire

This is a mobile form automation solution that allow users to capture and dispatch mobile forms like audit, safety reports, inspection, orders and the rest of them. This solution is designed for agriculture, oil & gas, utilities, construction, transportation, manufacturing, property/facility management and food safety companies.

This mobile application capture dates, video, audio, barcodes, text, numbers, signature, annotations, communication (NFC) mapping, GPS locations and many more.

With this solution, forms can automatically be dispatched by users to other users in remote locations and notification sent back to the office via email. Also, emails can be sent instantly after delay and this depends on user-specified conditions.

Users can customize their email layouts like email body, attachments and file names. Files can be attached in formats like PDF, TXT, CSV, DOCX, and XLSX.

This mobile solution works both online and offline. It also has over 1350 pre-designed forms format that comes with the app both on iOS, windows and android devices. No coding experience is required.

Also, Forms on fire can be integrated into existing forms that have be created on word in excel spreadsheet.  Time can be saved by simply choosing from thousands of connectors to your data systems and pre-populate data to your forms. Time can also be saved by eliminating the stress of traveling back to the office. The time that it takes to re-enter, re-assemble, file, and distribute forms to those that need them is 100% saved.

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