Improving work productivity with mobile form automation

Improving work productivity with mobile form automation


This solution gives users the platform to easily connect online which in turn helps remote team provide accurate updates. Users are able to utilize this solution in filling out and submitting of paper forms like audits, reports and inspections using their mobile devices.

Device Magic

This is a mobile form automation that enable businesses to manage and automate the process of creating forms from mobile devices. Some of the key features of this app include: version control, remote access, collaboration and text editing.

Forms automation

This app is designed to fit all business sizes and it comes with a dispatch module that enables users to send pre-populated forms to field employees. It also helps employees to get notified about a new job. Businesses are able to automate data delivery in various formats using this workflow tool

In addition, businesses are able to create and share data charts and also obtain insights into business progress. This solution has a tool(geo-mapping) that include maps and locations into forms and assign corresponding tasks to specific area fields. The iOS and Android device application enable users to manage their business activities remotely.

The pricing plan is available for monthly subscription and is supported via email, phone, documentation and web help desk.


Mobile forms automation

Another top mobile form automation solution is GoFormz. This is cloud-based forms automation solution that is specifically designed to assist businesses across different industries to manage and share personalized online forms. Industry that can use this solution include agriculture, energy, manufacturing, construction, and engineering. Organizations can also use conditional logic to automate calculations and conceal or show specific sections across forms.

This solution offer users a built-in form builder with a drag-and-drop interface, this feature enables organizations/businesses to create a customized forms with images, tables, signatures and other attributes.

Other notable features include: mobile data collection, offline access, form transfer, barcode scanning, HIPAA compliance, Single Sign-On (SSO) authentication, public forms, collaboration and more. With this tool, managers can generate reports that enables them get insights into issues, opportunities and trends in real-time via analytics.

Additionally, integration with various third-party apps such as Google Drive, Microsoft Excel, Workday, Microsoft Dynamics and Box is available.

It’s available for free and also has monthly subscriptions. Phone, email and other online measure is supported.

Fastfield forms

This is a cloud-based and it assists businesses of all sizes in gathering data, creating forms and collection of information smartphones. Some of the major features of this solution includes: question branching, collaboration, version control, text editing, dispatch and form routing, duplicate detection and more.

Also, this solution provides white-label services that allows users to personalize forms with custom logo, color, themes and fonts. This solution includes automation tools, which allows organizations to manage forms dispatch and delivery of data.

To add to the list of features, there is provision for geo-mapping and tagging module. This lets users add latitude/longitude coordinates and timestamps to forms and track attributes of data collection.

There’s a built-in dashboard that enables enterprises look at performance metrics and track trends for businesses. The availability of mobile applications for Android and iOS devices enables organizations to remotely manage business activities.

Pricing plan is available on a monthly subscription pricing and support is extended via phone, email and documentation.

PDF share forms

This mobile form automation solution is a cloud-based solution for business of all sizes in industries like defense, manufacturing and finance. This platform allows users to customize digital forms that capture images, signatures and other data. The application is meant for desktop and mobile devices.

Users can create PDF forms during a browser without Adobe Reader. This software integrates with other platforms like SharePoint for form management, indexing and workflow management. There’s a provision for pre-built PDF form templates for sales, legal and procurement needs. Forms are often customized to suit the wants of specific projects or businesses.

An offline access mode allows users to switch forms and submit data when reconnected to the web. Administrators can set user permissions to regulate who can edit forms and data.

Pricing is charged based on the number of users and servers and whether external access is required.


So, these are some of the best mobile form automation solutions we have. These solutions help to boost productivity among teams and we hope they’re helpful to your organization.

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