Leak Reveals Galaxy S24 Ultra’s Slimmer Shell, Teardrop Speaker And Contoured S Pen Housing


Purported Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra images spotlight subtle yet compelling hardware changes versus its S23 predecessor. Noted leaker Ice Universe shared side-by-side shots with Sogi highlighting slimmer dimensions, a sleek speaker cutout and refined S Pen contouring.

The leaked photos land just weeks ahead of Samsung’s next Unpacked event on January 17th where the S24 range will likely grab the spotlight. With the flagship models approaching primetime, comparisons like these help phone fans parse subtle industrial design and ergonomic tweaks from year to year.

And the images here indicate Samsung’s 2024 premium cadence favors precision evolution over revolution. Viewed top down, the S24 Ultra shows strongly familiar branding, camera arrays and form. But flipped to view edges reveals the devilish details.

Most strikingly the S24 appears slightly thinner at 8.6mm per the leaker, putting cutting-edge silicon in an even more palm-friendly frame. Additionally the USB-C-adjacent speaker stretches in a teardrop versus the rectangular style used on the S23 series.

Finally around back eagle-eyed viewers notice the embedded S Pen housing now tapers subtly to hug the S24 Ultra’s contour when stowed. The minor pen tweak further refines Samsung’s signature silo storage solution.

Of course absent true hands-on time, questions linger whether these micro changes translate to tangible user dividends alone. But as Samsung braces its Android flagship to battle a deluge of foldables in 2024, iterating on proven S Ultra industrial design clearly takes priority one product cycle into a formula reset.

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