Building Your Online Business Master Class (%Free)

Welcome to the OPT 10 100 1000 self-development challenge

Learn 10 digital skills in 100days to build the capacity to earn $1000 monthly

has this year and every other previous year been challenging? here is your chance to turn around the tides in your favour and ensure every other year will never remain the same.

shut up and stop complaining start learning so you can start earning

Go To the source and learn from one of the best to be better than yesterday

If you do not find the Discipline, Focus and Determination in yourself to pull this through then You are the reason why you have failed

All classes are free but registration to the class is compulsory

Classes hold two days a week one and a half hours each day

1pm – 2:30pm Saturdays and 4pm – 5:30pm Sundays