Most effective meeting management tools for teams

Most effective meeting management tools for teams


Meeting management tools help to guide teams in terms of scheduling meetings, meeting agenda structuring, determining action items and producing meeting notes that you simply can read back on.

Effective communication is the major backbone of team productivity and efficiency. For this reason, most organizations are trying to find meeting management tools which will provide structure, encourage transparency, foster open communications, and energize teams to run valuable meetings.

Meeting management tools help to guide teams in terms of scheduling meetings, meeting agenda structuring, determining action items and producing meeting notes that you simply can read back on.

It’s difficult to set up real-time and online meting when you’ve team members who have different time zones. In fact, picking a meeting most times can seem impossible! This is why meeting management tools are important as it helps breach these gaps.

In order for teams to work effectively with this “new normal,” meeting management tools are vital for connection, communication and collaboration. In this article, we’ll be discussing the best meeting management tools you’ll use for your meetings.

What is a meeting management tool?

If you would like to enhance virtual meetings and collaboration among teams, there are different types of meeting management tools which will help. The aim of meeting management tools is to create a framework for your organization to plan and execute effective meetings by managing information, setting goals, prioritizing tasks and executing projects in a well timely manner.

With meeting management tools, your organization will be able to organize and plan meetings and in doing that, your most precious asset (time) is optimized.

The major goal of every meeting management tool is to create conditions to plan and hold meetings, organize the communication inside teams, manage the relative data, and share the knowledge.

Features of a meeting management tool

Making a decision on the best meeting management tools that is best fitted for your team can seem overwhelming but we promise, it’s not as tough as it seems. Each meeting management tool offers a unique feature. The key to a making a decision on which meeting management solution to subscribe to is to know the necessary features needed for the successful functioning of the organization and which functions has the power to unravel existing problems.

Below is a few of the features to look out for:

1. Transparency

Every meeting management tool is expected to have a major feature which is majorly an important factor – that is, transparency. By this, we simply mean transparency in the ability to ascertain and access every small detail of a meeting, the schedule, and details on the meeting space.

This not only helps in getting everyone on the same page but also reduces the time spent on asking questions concerning a meeting’s topic, length, and location, these increases the overall meeting efficiency.

2. Check-In for meetings

If you’ve got any recurring meetings on your schedule, take your time to answer this question: how often are these meetings skipped or moved around? and how much meeting space is wasted because people in the organization know you’ve got that conference once every week at a particular time frame?

Adding the power to check into meetings reduces wasted room space and alerts everyone else when a scheduled meeting is about to start.

3. Be able to Update, Cancel, or Move Meetings time

Still on our last point, the reality is that meetings got to be as adaptable as businesses. You would like a meeting management tool that permits you to update, cancel, or move meetings time immediately. Also, you’ll want these changes to be visible across the whole shared calendar, therefore the remainder for team – and other meeting participants – can be in the loop on what’s happening via their mobile devices.

Additionally, once you integrate the power to update, cancel, or move meetings into your organization’s calendar system, it’s now easier for it integrate with other emails as well. In this manner, everyone receives updates on meetings and won’t need to manually check the calendar.

4. Automated Processes integration

In conclusion, you’ll want a meeting management tool that has the power to easily integrate with your automated office technology and also supports the newest calendaring systems also. From voice-activated software and hardware in the meeting room to automated scheduling, you would like a system that connects together with your existing processes.

Having to run better meetings isn’t necessarily about strategy and scheduling; most times, it’s about management.

The benefits of having a meeting management tool

Organizing and executing a meeting successfully in the best way possible is important. This can become a strenuous task if you don’t get any assistance.

Some of the main benefits of having a meeting management tool are that they streamline your planning, optimize data management and the accessibility of data, and strengthen communications between you and your team members. Now, let’s get into the details:

1. Planning

The first (and arguably the foremost important benefit) advantage of having a meeting management tool is efficient planning and distribution of task. Planning is multi-faceted and this includes everything from devising the date, time and location of a meeting, considering the calendars of the attendees, planning the content of the meeting by creating an agenda, which includes relevant resources for the meeting, creating action items and writing notes that you simply can circulate afterwards.

A meeting management tool assists in bringing your planning to the next level by using intelligent organizational functions. In terms of distribution of task, a management tool assists you in assigning and allocating tasks, estimating the time that’s necessary to finish each responsibility and enable you to tackle tasks in the order of priority. Most importantly, this helps to facilitate the simultaneous management of several projects being unrolled within the same time-frame.

2. Management of Data

Another advantage of having a meeting management tool is that it’ll help you with making sense out of huge amounts of data or information. To create and manage information in a management tool is significantly easier than trying to manage it independently because it helps you understand the small print concerning the progress of projects, performance indicators and forecasts. It’ll also allows you to make more sense of data workload, timeframes, which resources are allocated to specific tasks, and to generally keep it at the top of requirements and tasks that have been set up.

Meeting management tools consolidate and organize data in order that it’s more organized and more easily understood.

3. Open communication

Just as we’ve mentioned earlier, communications are the backbone of every team productivity. A meeting management tool goes to assist in the facilitation of open, honest communications with your team members. Every tool takes a customized communications approach in order to improve interactions between you and your team members (whether you’re working with remote teams or you’re within the same office).

Meeting management tools assist in supporting you as you get to organize and discuss different solutions to project issues, anticipate and manage risks, share information about the progress of every project and overall, make it easier to possess both casual and complex conversations amongst your team.

4. Participation is improved at remote meetings

It won’t matter if team members or participants are in different ends of the town, country or world with the proper meeting management tool, as everyone can participate like they’re within the same office room and this saves time and cost.

5. Real-time update and information are Synchronized

By keeping everyone within the loop digitally, changes and updates are often made instantly, ensuring participants always have access to the foremost up-to-date information, and conversation is well-managed. No more spending hours performing on a particular task only to find out that they’ve been since you last opened the file.

6. Increased security

Just as cyber security is so important, a business may fear documents with confidential or sensitive information being misplaced, but once you use meeting management software, you’ll make everything accessible online via cloud computing and add security measures to avoid the danger of data falling into the wrong hands.

Some meeting management tool providers go ahead to offer auto-purge features which means you’ll be able to wipe data from a tool if it’s lost, stolen or several unauthorized attempts are made to access information.

The Best Meeting management tools for your team

To turn this contemporary office nightmare around, organizations and businesses are looking to project meeting management software tools that will assist in the standardization of their approach and improve effective and efficient meetings with better preparation, organization, structure and archiving.

Below are a number of the best meeting management tools we’ve carefully selected:


Lucid meetings


Hubspot meetings



Less meeting


This meeting management tool easily connects and syncs to your Google calendar and, by simply sending a link which allows people to schedule times that matches with your calendar. It goes further to integrate quite well with Outlook and Zoom so you can easily choose which meeting platform most accurately fits you and your team. Calendly is a web appointment scheduling software which will assist you to better manage your meetings.

With Calendly, you can manage your meetings online through a link. This meeting management tool keeps things easy and straightforward by simply allowing you to allot free time on your Calendly and share it through email or embed it on your page. Calendly takes care of the remainder you need for your work.

The potential attendees of the meeting are allowed to select the time most feasible which is added to their schedule. How simple is that?

Also, this tool gives you options to line up group events so you’ll easily manage an upcoming webinar or even a class. 

You can use the free version or simply upgrade to the paid version for more features.

Download here

Some of the features include;

  • Calendly link is personalized
  • Branding is customized and removable
  • Availability of multiple pool options for teams like round-robin, collective scheduling, and multiple team members on one page
  • An option to line up group events
  • Automated event notifications
  • Email notification and reminders are customized
  • SMS notifications

Lucid Meetings

This is yet another meeting management tool that is the best. With numerous features available, it makes it to our list of top meeting management tool and this is thanks to its comprehensive list of features for holding meetings for small teams and large teams.

This tool comes with guided instructions for key meetings and allows you to arrange audio calls and video conferencing. With features like action items and follow ups, the team knows exactly where to get the project forwarded to after the meeting. To assist in calendar integration, Lucid Meetings allows you to send an inventory of proposed times so participants can pick which one they need and this helps to get a proper time that works for everybody.

This tool has an in-built meeting agenda feature that assists with meeting preparation and allows for document sharing without the necessity for downloads. Records of meeting are archived and can be exported in multiple formats.

Also, another point to note is that it keeps the meetings streamlined and gets rid of any overlapping conversation through speaker queues.

Some of the features include:

  • Tracking of action item
  • Management of agenda
  • Meeting roles and agenda management
  • Templates of meeting
  • Board Meetings
  • Committee Meetings
  • Internal Meetings
  • Invitation Management

With this tool, you can easily share information, add attendees and define meeting roles without any difficulty. Lucid Meetings comes with a free trial and a spread of pricing plans depending on the number of hosts. The paid plan starts from $19/month for 1 meeting host.


This is a fun, intuitive meeting management tool. The simplest way to describe Trello is as a kanban board app, a category that’s traditionally used for tracking work because it moves through stages and groups of individuals. Trello is the digital version of a physical meeting room covered in sticky notes with the sticky notes moving from column to column. This is the best way to describe how Trello works

The unique feature of Trello is the use and share-ability of project boards with outside collaborators, which simply makes it fantastic for managing remote teams and holding more productive meetings. Whatever Trello lacks in features, it simply makes up for with integrations, which makes it great for combining its existing functionality with other integration-rich apps.

Some of the features include:

  • Attendance tracking
  • Roll-calls, motions, and voting like in real-time meeting
  • Reminders and alerts
  • Reports generation automation
  • Single dashboard to keep easy access to information

The pricing for this meeting management tool is attractive specially because of the forever free plan. If you would like more team features and power-ups than the free plan offers, there’s a Business Class plan for $9.99/per user/month and an Enterprise plan starting at $20.83/per user/month for a minimum of 20 users. The more users, the lower the monthly pricing.

Hubspot meeting

This meeting management scheduling tool provides users with a customized booking link they will share via email to ask people to look at their availability and book time. For instance, if someone schedules a meeting, it’ll automatically be added to their calendar and pushed to the CRM immediately.

This Meetings tool integrates with both your calendar (Google Calendar, Outlook) and HubSpot CRM (free forever), so fixing meetings with customers, prospects, or leads is made painless.

HubSpot Meetings is a component of HubSpot All-In-One WordPress plugin. Adding this plugin to your WordPress site, you’ll be able to gain access to HubSpot’s free CRM, marketing, sales, and customer service tools, also as HubSpot Academy — free online educational resource.

Some of the features include:

  • Meeting scheduling with CRM is free and easy-to-use
  • Sync together with your Google and Office 365 calendar
  • Scheduling is Automatic
  • Sending group meeting links is enabled
  • Embed meeting link on your website
  • Create email sequence

Hubspot is free


This meeting management tool is founded in the year 1995 and purchased by Cisco in 2007, Webex is the master of the meeting management world. Meetings conducted via Webex are easy to access, and the user interface is straightforward to use. This tool is majorly made for enterprise-level organizations and backed by an online infrastructure juggernaut.

This feature-rich, cloud-based collaboration tool has all the meeting tools you’d expect, like scheduling, audio via call-in or VOIP, and video conferencing. Webex allows you to record meetings and has tools to assist you manage the real-time flow of meetings, like sharing your screen, taking meeting notes, chat, file sharing, polling and Q&A, and follow-up and breakout meetings.

Some of the features include:

  • Easy sending of meeting invitations from phone calls, SMS, email or IM.
  • Cross-platform functionality that assists users to easily connect the meeting from Mac, Windows, Linux, Solaris and any mobile device.
  • you’re able to share and edit files in a meeting, once the host of the meeting provides access to chosen participants for making changes.
  • Easily switch instantly between devices while on-call in a meeting

There’s a free version for private use. Other pricing plans starts from $13.50/ month, per host to $26.95 per month, per host.


This meeting management tool is best-suited for organization with large meetings or presentations. This tool is basically interactive, because it crowdsources top questions and engages participants with real time polls and quizzes. Also, Slido is extremely user friendly and encourages participation anonymously which promotes engagement among users who could be shy in real-life scenarios. It has been made simple for participants to register and enter the portal to participate in the live polls.

Some of the features include:

  • Video and audio conferencing
  • Whiteboard
  • Agenda with a waiting room
  • haring of screen on desktop, laptop or mobile device
  • Moderated chat (for Q&A)
  • One-on-one chat among participants
  • Chat Translated simultaneously

The pricing plans start at $30 per month for 25 users.

This is easily the foremost supportive meeting management tool a team could use. It’s basically designed to arrange, streamline and align your meeting management load with an interactive user interface and visually attractive notification system.

There are so many ways you can manage your meetings using This has been made simple in every possible way.

With meeting management tool, you can easily integrate with many social communications tools like; skype, google hangout, Microsoft Lync, your own conferencing tools. These integrations work with your calendar, address book and Customer Relationship Management systems (CRM). So, you’ll schedule a meeting with whomever you would like to from anywhere. Using the easy-to-use ‘Schedule’ button present on various services you subscribe to.

Some of the features include:

  • Edit and create agendas for team participants
  • Create and edit action plans for participants to follow-up, post meeting
  • Centralize meeting agenda, files & images on one page for straightforward visibility and accessibility for all team participants
  • Send meeting reminders and inform participants to verify their availability for the meeting
  • Manage notifications sent to team participants and manage their control of creating changes to meeting materials

The pricing plan costs $12/month

Less Meetings

Most people do not like it when virtual meetings or webinars go long. Less Meeting tries to encourage simpler meetings with a singular feature: meeting time tracking. Setting up a meeting duration gives each item on the agenda a deadline and this makes time management easy.

When the meeting starts, the timer at side bottom of the agenda keeps you in restraint. Once the meeting exceeds five minutes. The timer immediately turns yellow, and when it’s beyond five minutes, it turns red immediately.

This meeting management tool offers real-time collaboration and keyboard shortcuts for minute-taking in a meeting. You’ll instantly be able to share minutes, actions, and decisions with the group when the meeting ends. Also, there’s an automated follow-ups to eliminate the necessity to contact participants to ascertain if they’ve completed their to-dos.

Some of the features include:

  • Management of invitation to meetings
  • Agendas can be created easily
  • Meeting timer is efficient
  • Minutes Management
  • Capturing and tracking of notes
  • Photo capture

Less Meeting has a free for 14 days. Then, move to the business package that is sold in packs and starts at $12 per month.


The right meeting management tool can assist you in holding meetings that deliver what you would like. They help to harness technology to unravel your biggest web conferencing headaches and stop unproductive meetings in their tracks.

We hope this article has been helpful.

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