Motorola Wraps Premium RAZR Plus In Pantone’s Fuzzy “Peach Fuzz” Color Pick of 2024


Motorola injects fresh vibrance into its reborn RAZR flip franchise by cloaking a special edition in 2024’s radiant Pantone Color of the Year. Dubbed “Peach Fuzz,” the limited variant wraps Motorola’s premium RAZR Plus in the annual authority’s uplifting pinkish-orange hue.

Beyond the aptly fuzzy-evoking makeover, the Peach Fuzz edition ships identical to existing Pluses under the visor. The same Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1 engine hums behind its flexing 6.7″ panel. 256GB of onboard storage comes standard along with full 5G connectivity.

What the charming chassis reskin signifies is Motorola fully embracing foldables as exciting canvases for self-expression akin to bygone era Razrs. The company markets Peach Fuzz’s delicate yet playful tone as inspiring “feelings of togetherness, community and collaboration.”

And limited exclusives like this attract precisely the fashion-forward demographic clamoring for personalization in a sea of foldable sameness. While Samsung dominates buzz with productivity and S Pen courting power users, Motorola spotlights compact flexibility coupled with stylish magnetism.

Special editions like the Peach Fuzz moreover hint at customization avenues untapped across folding form factors. Could user-defined color and texture profiles be next amidst forecasts of foldable sales rocketing 10x in coming years?

For now peach fuzz fans can revel in the device’s unique texture while standing out from black and silver rivals. But with an eye-catching color trend now set, expect bolder and more joyous hues to invigorate flip phone lineups here on out.

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