Opetunde Survey Top New Crowdfunding Projects


Crowdfunding unlocks innovation by empowering bold products typically deemed too risky for traditional retail pipelines. Though failure rates exceed successes, gems do emerge rewarding visionary backers and occasionally blossoming into sustainable brands.

As portals like Kickstarter or Indiegogo reshape consumer technology, KnowTechie surveys the fertile monthly crop highlighting novel gadgets crossing our radar. From revolutionary e-ink PCs to pocket microscopes or power backup behemoths, eye catching concepts continually materialize from creators worldwide.

We filter for campaigns exhibiting competent planning plus pragmatic timelines judged through our seasoned backer lens. Scanner history including prior fulfilled pledges and team responses to comments aids uncovering underlying execution strengths or weaknesses.

Lengthy expertise backing photography, cooking, writing and productivity tools particularly guides selections personalized for our niche loyalists. Still we cast wider nets on occasion assured you’ll discover at minimum several compelling options each month to scratch nearly any technophile itch imaginable.

Below we compile November standouts inventing better solutions across personal and enterprise spheres. From soothing anxiety aids and music creation inspirations to rapid 3D scanning or unlimited energy reserves, vibrant ideas flood market gaps where status quo institutions neglect needs or stall innovation.

So we urge checking frequently and diving deep on potential backing. Not all fare as advertised, but with diligence unearthing gems proves wholly possible. The joys of participating directly in advancing human ambitions make worthwhile risks assessing as we share highlights.

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