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Organize & Delegate with Basecamp Masterclass


Organize & Delegate with Basecamp

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Learn how to organize and delegate with Basecamp in this masterclass. Discover how to create efficient workflows and manage projects like a pro.

Course Excerpts;

  • Working with Outsourcers
  • Working with Non-Basecamp Users
  • Integrating with Microsoft Outlook
  • Basecamp and Dropbox With Zapier
  • Basecamp and E-Mail Integration with Zapier
  • Basecamp and Google Integration Through Zapier
  • Interface Strategy
  • Assembling the Team
  • Creating Groups
  • Creating To-Do Lists
  • Content and Discussions Set-Up
  • Creating and Using Templates
  • Team Assignments
  • Tracking and Managing Progress
  • Removing and Adjusting Participants


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