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Get better Leads with YouTube


Increase your leads using youtube over the shoulder training

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You can increase leads with a YouTube course by incorporating emotional and power words. By using common words and uncommon words, you can grab your viewer’s attention and keep them interested in your content.

Some topics treated in this course:

  • Minimum Viable Equipment
  • YouTube Channel Settings – Part 1
  • YouTube Channel Settings – Part 2
  • YouTube Channel Settings – Part 3
  • Live Stream with A Webcam – Part 1
  • Live Stream with a Webcam – Part 2
  • YouTube Video Editor
  • Setting Up Zoom As an Encoder
  • Using Zoom As an Encoder – Part 2
  • Direct Connecting from Zoom To YouTube Live
  • Scheduling a Live Stream With Zoom – Part 1
  • Connecting Zoom to the Scheduled Session(2:40)
  • Connecting on the Date Scheduled(1:17)
  • Other Cloud Based Encoders
  • Desktop Software – OBS
  • Using Multi-Streaming


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