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Boost Productivity with Google Apps


Boost Productivity with Google Apps

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There’s no need to feel overwhelmed when it comes to boosting productivity. With the help of Google Apps, you can easily get things done and stay organized. From Gmail to Google Drive, these tools make it easy to keep track of your work and collaborate with others.

This course provides a guide on how best to use these apps to your advantage.

Course Excerpts;

  • Publish Books on Google Play
  • Google Docs for Shared Word Processing
  • Google Sheets for Shared Calculation
  • Import and Export with Excel
  • Google Slides for Shared Presentations
  • Recording A Voice Over with Google Slides
  • Presenting Live Using Google Slides
  • Google Hangouts for Real-Time Video
  • Create Branded Video Content For YouTube
  • Publishing Indexed (Google) Documents
  • Google Research Tools
  • Citation of Sources
  • Using Blogger


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