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Learn The Best Way To Organize With Office 365


Learn The Best Way To Organize With Office 365

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Learn the best way to organize with Office 365 to help improve your productivity and efficiency. Office 365 provides a number of tools that can help you stay organized and on task.

With this course and a bit of practice, you can make Office 365 work for you and get more done in less time. Check out some topics covered;

  • Licensing Issues for Business
  • Differing Levels of Business Pricing – Enterprise
  • Purchase and Set-Up
  • Using Office Applications Online
  • Using Office Applications Offline
  • Using One Drive Basic Functions
  • Skype For Business Installation
  • Skype for Business Webinars
  • Skype for Business Vs Skype for Desktop
  • Microsoft Outlook With Exchange
  • Managing Tasks With Planner
  • The Teams Application
  • Invoicing and Management Applications


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