RedMagic 9 Pro Phones Pack Absurd 24GB RAM, 165W Charging to Beat Gaming Phone Rivals


Gaming phone upstart RedMagic debuts its most salivating flagship duo yet in the hulking 9 Pro and Pro Plus models, stuffed with bleeding edge power courtesy Qualcomm’s shamrock-hued silicon.

The Chinese contender looks to reclaim pole position in surging eSports niches, flexing best-in-class internals led by the industry’s finest Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 engine coupled with extreme cooling, dazzling displays and contemporary industrial form.

Sultry specs even by 2023 standards, the series notably introduces select configurations not just matching but leapfrogging chart-topping handsets on multiple vectors. We’re talking a Brobdingnagian 24GB of RAM, UFS 4.0 storage pushing 1TB and battery refueling hitting 165W speeds.

Such showmanship echoes RedMagic ethos blending boundaries between workhorse smartphones and dedicated gaming rig replacements tailored for graphics-intensive titles. And the 9 Pro clan doubles down by integrating handy gaming features like capacitive trigger buttons, aviation-grade metal frames and lurid customizable RGB elements throughout.

RedMagic moreover continues pushing pricing pain points wider in the name of performance, affording flagship firepower for hundreds below rivals – important in reaching enthusiast yet economy-minded Gen Z users. Models start at just over $600 while maxing below $1000.

Global audiences must unfortunately wait until December sales for first crack at the radical new series. But RedMagic promises sufficient early bird discounts in regions like North America come January to reel in clamoring power users.

The looming release sets an expectations bar sky high for whatever repasts rival phone makers like Asus, Xiaomi and Nubia cook up to open 2023. But for now at least, consider the gaming phone crown RedMagic’s to lose headed into the next era of portable play bound to enable experiences impossible only yesterday.

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