Rockstar Scrambles Official GTA 6 Trailer After Hackers Leak Full Promo Flaunting First Female Lead


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A staggering Grand Theft Auto 6 leak forced Rockstar’s hand early, compelling the publisher to unveil its opus trailer months before target to reclaim the narrative. GTA obsessives awoke to full, minute-plus footage pilfered by hackers now imprisoned on YouTube without Rockstar consent.

Watermarked with incessant cryptocurrency promotions, raw trailer footage circulated feverishly despite Rockstar’s official December 5th marketing plan. But with the cat out the bag, Rockstar pivoted swiftly to upload an untarnished, superior quality trailer now blessed as canonical.

It was but the latest case confirming GTA 6 as gaming’s worst-kept secret, with prior leaks afford sneak peeks of supposed scenes and characters. Yet this first cinematic, 4K jewel trumped grainy gameplay leaks by formally introducing series-first female protagonist Lucia in her full anarchic glory.

Set under bright Vice City pastels, Lucia streaks from prison to street crime sprees flanked by a mystery boyfriend character. Given series traditions, he likely represents one of several playable anti-heroes powering the sprawling open world coming in 2025.

The confirmation of next year’s launch gives restless fans succor after nearly a decade spent awaiting new GTA opus stretching cutting-edge hardware. However Sony and Microsoft enjoyed exclusive cite for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series consoles so far, suggesting a delayed PC port per Rockstar ritual.

In any case, the chaotic theft and subsequent emergency response confirms fever pitches for gaming juggernaut Grand Theft Auto remain sky high. And with the leaked trailer now supplanted with an official, visually superior version direct from creators, the hype cycle roars on for 2023’s most anticipated title by far.

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