Samsung Reups Snapdragon VIP Status With Gen 3 Deal


Samsung again scores dibs on customized Qualcomm silicon supercharged several steps beyond standard issue Snapdragon wares soon powering legions of Android flagships in 2023. Leaked benchmarks detail tweaked “for Galaxy” editions with optimized clocks targeting improved efficiency, AI and gaming prowess in upcoming Exynos rivals.

The news continues a multi-year tradition granting Samsung preferential access to elite semi-custom chipsets outpacing plain offerings eventually shipping in rival portfolios by meaningful margins. This time the privilege takes form in differently tuned next-gen Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 silicon likely debuting in Galaxy S23 models next month.

Rumors point to marginal CPU clock bumps on certain cores, potentially improving thermals versus flat out headline speeds. But more intriguingly, whispers suggest the GPU component operates up to 10% quicker at peak frequencies theoretically aiding machine learning and graphical rendering jobs.

The reveal explains Samsung’s cozy Qualcomm relationship despite its own Exynos silicon ambitions struggling competitiveness gaps still today. With rivals like MediaTek nipping heels now, licensing semi-custom Snapdragon IP enables maintaining leadership through crucial android profit dominance.

Whether Samsung’s star maintains ascendance hinges on whatever Exynos refresh sounds this spring however. If their revamped chipset brings generational leaps absent years past then heavy Qualcomm royalties could face cost pressures down the road. But certainly in near term the Snapdragon gifts look set prolonging premium Galaxy smartphone supremacy throughout 2023 and beyond.

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