Tesla Cybertruck Contracts Now Forbid Resale For 1 Year, Violators Risk $50K Fines


Scalpers beware – a newly unearthed Tesla clause hints that quickly flipping brand new Cybertrucks could draw steep legal penalties. Fine print in purchase agreements now apparently limits owners from reselling their futuristic pickups within one year of taking delivery. Defying the termos risks triggering up to a crippling $50,000 invoice.

The startling revelation emerged after a reservation holder shared a screenshot of the updated contract language on Friday. It immediately mirrored controversial verbiage leaked weeks earlier outlining the policy. But thus far Tesla refuses comment amidst the swirling speculation kicked up yet again on forums and social media.

Yet based on contract evidence, Cybertruck early adopters aiming for a profitable exit within 12 months face stark threats. Specifically, Tesla asserts rights to prohibit any unauthorized transfer of ownership beyond the first year. And violators may incur up to $50,000 in “liquidated damages” or forfeiture of all resale proceeds if caught violating the resale ban.

Essentially, after waiting ages for trucks to finally manifest, buyers are expected to stay married to them for some time. The clause lays down the law – no ring exchange or prenups allowed for Cybertruck plus buyer partnerships under Tesla’s watch.

Curbing immediate turnaround flipping fits patterns for the EV entrepreneur long aggrevated by peddlers exploiting hype for profit, especially surrounding new model launches. And while Tesla legally cannot enforce ownership length outright, the financial deterrants etched in purchase pacts offers potent recourse.

So for now, Cybertruck pairs face at minimum a 12 month honeymoon before separation talk crops up. Because legal paperwork hints when cutting ties prematurely with your exotic electric workhorse, the pricey breakup falls squarely on owner shoulders by Tesla design.

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