The best product reviews platform for your customers

The best product reviews platform for your customers


Consumers easily seek out the reputation of an organization or its products by reading their customer reviews. When shopping, most people compare various product features by the product reviews before they make their choices to the best favorable one with a good product review. Most customers are known to express their satisfaction or disappointment regarding a specific product by writing a review. Shoppers can then gather the information they need about a business and its products from these reviews.

A positive reputation is a valuable asset for any organization or company. Building a good reputation for your business starts from understanding your customers and the product reviews you get.

Consumers easily seek out the reputation of an organization or its products by reading their customer reviews. When shopping, most people compare various product features by the product reviews before they make their choices to the best favorable one with a good product review. Most customers are known to express their satisfaction or disappointment regarding a specific product by writing a review. Shoppers can then gather the information they need about a business and its products from these reviews.

Product reviews also helps the seller know the opinion of their customers regarding their products and services and these in turn encourage sales from other customers i.e., for online businesses. Today, businesses gather the best and most relevant comments and photos from their customers as well as influencers and this promotes brand loyalty, influence buying decisions, increase conversion and reduce product returns.

Product reviews also encourage transparency between businesses and its customers. Organizations also use product reviews to enhance employee performance as well as workplace satisfaction. A perfect way to collect and display business product reviews is by simply integrating a company website and pages with the platforms.

Product Reviews Platform also allow customers review to be featured in products. This provides an avenue for your customers to interact with you and this encourages sales. With product review Platforms, simple star-rating, rich, comment and photo driven experience is provided. Also, these Product attributes are shown as ratings and filtering by reviewers. These can be shared on Facebook and other social networks.

What are Product Review Platforms?

Simply put, product reviews platform is a forum or platform that permits customers to write a product review in a company’s website or social media page.

This platform makes provision for star rating features, commenting space, ability to feature the ratings of the products attributes, ability to add a picture and how to apply filter reviews by the attributes of the reviewers. The reviews are shared across all the social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more.

The more positive reviews a business gets, the more people it’ll attract, so ideally you would like these product reviews to be as honest and as positive as possible. These reviews themselves attract new customers, and making sure they’re displayed in the direction for your business is important. So, including a session for product reviews on your business website and social media platforms is a great idea for your business.

Features of a product reviews platform

Below are some of the features of a product reviews platform:

Customer Intelligence: Product reviews platform offer the customers a platform to give their feedback. It’s also a platform that gives competitors real-time information on the reputation and performance of other company’s products and services. It also helps businesses to perform sentiment analysis.

Company reporting: With this platform, users can track revenue and corporate reporting. It also offers a dashboard that’s centralized and has the management tools connected to online reputation.

Media monitoring: With this, users can trace, monitor and manage social networks initiatives & trends and also measure the impact of the company’ social and digital advertising campaigns.

In-house management: This platform helps to manage the company’s employee performance and establish workflows that permit individual members to collaborate and communicate effectively.

Discovery: Product reviews enable users to create and manage programs like referral to spot companies brand advocates. It also creates way to supply incentives to brand advocates and also enables the users to get third-party content to spot patterns and problems.

Creates insight: Product reviews track and monitor third-party insights and shared content. It also helps measure the extent of brand name adoption and advocacy. It also enables the user to analyze engagement to know the brand impact.

Mobile: Product reviews platform enable brand advocates and influencers upload, write, and share content on mobile.

Multi-platform sharing: It helps share user experience on one or different platforms and allows content distribution across various channels. It also integrates the advocacy solution into the present processes.

Product Reviews Platform enable their customers to offer feedback and response about the brand and its products and services.

Benefits of product review platforms

Below are some of the advantages of a product reviews platform to your business:

Higher rate of search ranking

One of the first benefits of product reviews is that it enables your business rank higher on search engines like Google or Bing. The more trust you get from your customers, the more Google will also trust you and consequently, this will attract even more customers. Studies have revealed overtime that reviews contribute over 10% of a website’s ranking factor. For local businesses this will really make a difference.

Higher clickthrough rate

With a glowing product reviews on your website, you get to have a higher-ranking rate on your websites and this star ratings can be added to your websites. Google also shows these ranking results on your page.

Purchasing decision is increased

It’s important to note that reviews are beneficial because they’ve a great influence on your customers’ decisions. Product reviews help to build trust, promote confidence in your business and a few excellent reviews can be the tipping point for whether a customer sticks with you or decides to look elsewhere.

Like-Minded Customers are Connected

By building trust and loyalty, Product reviews connect customers with people that share their interests, passions and values. For instance, a football equipment retailer must attract customers who are hooked to buying football equipment. Reviews make it possible for football fans to interact with one another by reading and responding to content created by other footballers. These reviewers are seen as experts within the retailer’s community, and this material can then provide a room for new customers in the same location who need guidance on which products to get.

Product reviews drive in additional reviews

A business that already has previous positive reviews by other customers can easily encourage new visitors to also write their feedback. This increases transparency and in return encourages user participation and creates a wholesome brand image and reputation for your business.

When you give customers the liberty to share their honest opinions, they’re going to provide valuable feedback. So rather than limiting their experience to “This is a good hotel”, or “I don’t like this hotel”, they’re going to explain why. This is often where marketing comes in handy. By providing inputs and constructive feedback, you’ll improve your service or products further. Best case scenario, you change a dissatisfied customer into a cheerful one with improved offerings.

How does one get product reviews?

The best way to encourage customers to write a review is just to ask.  Very often, customers are quite happy to offer their feedback about their experiences with your products or services, especially if those experiences are positive.

Below is a couple of ways you can go about this:

  • You can put up a sign, sticker, or badges in your business, or corporate website, for online review sites. This not only encourages customers to write down reviews but also prompts people to read those reviews too and this potentially attracts new customers. In addition, badges instantly instill faith in a customer.
  • Secondly, add a CTA (call-to-action) on the top of a menu, receipt, invoice, or coupon code asking the customer to leave a review.
  • Automate an email campaign that triggers once a customer uses your services or shops on your business website. In this manner, you’ll make sure that only the customers who patronize your brand are prompted to leave a product review.
  • Or alternatively, another way is to simply ask the customer. After a customer makes a purchase, ask them what they thought and if they’re willing to kindly leave a review. If you don’t ask, you don’t get!

6 Best Product Reviews Platform

Now that you simply know the advantages of product reviews to your business, here are a number of the best online review platforms for your business.  Below are Six (6) best product reviews platform for your business:


Amazon Product reviews






This is a product reviews platform that builds trust and transparency between customers and businesses. This platform helps in building reputation through the collection of feedbacks and understanding customers. These drives traffic, increases conversion and improve service.

There are two (2) ways you can leverage product reviews.

  • First is by increasing sale: This product reviews platform gives shoppers the knowledge they need in order to turn from browsers to buyers. By displaying product reviews, your business will be creating customer confidence, increasing conversion rates, and reducing cart abandonment.
  • Second way is to boost SEO which enables Google and other search engines to crawl through the product reviews on a website, and this brings potential customers.

Even though you can use a basic version for free of charge (this allows you to create a profile page and collect product reviews), their paid versions give room for their users create customizable review invitations, share ratings and reviews on social media, and link review data to your internal business systems.

Go to site here

Amazon product Review

This product reviews platform is the largest online platform. As you certainly know, Amazon is a well-known forerunner when it comes to e-commerce, and it’s also the primary online platform that enabled submitting product reviews from way back in 1995.

This shift has hugely helped customers make more informed purchase decisions that is supported by real-life stories, authentic product use cases reported by customers. This platform remains the best source of data for buyers.

The rule with Amazon product reviews is straightforward. If a product is out there on Amazon, you’ll find customer reviews for it. And since the platform offers different types of products, it’s a place to have on your list when distributing your them online.

Also, aside from a textual review (the description), products are typically evaluated with a five-star rating scale. So, those stars represent the typical customer opinion about an item.

Therefore, the more a customer makes a review on a product, the more stars will appear.

We can move on to the next one on our list


This product reviews platform helps businesses reach and maintain a good interaction with customers, boost their revenue, and promote loyalty and advocacy. With this, sales increases by 65% in revenue per visit and over 50% lift in conversion with ratings and review. These reviews and ratings capture a buyer’s conversations on user’s website where they’re proven to extend sales, decrease product returns, and build trust in a brand. This product reviews platform is already working with many platforms and channels and can push reviews from the website on to the pages and with brands that are carried so it can bring earned media to website to assist close sales.

This platform also assists in extending sales by 65% thereby building an enticing customer experience on an internet site with top quality social media contents. Product reviews on this platform can include opinions, videos and photos. Visitors also can ask questions regarding products.


This platform is taken into account as a more high-end review tool. Additionally, to generate webshop reviews, this tool offers assessments at product level also. This software runs on-site on your product pages. This shows several at level. Visitors on your site can easily filter and the most relevant ones pops up and if they still have questions, there’s an ‘Ask an Owner’ feature also available.

Most shoppers are encouraged to shop by other people’s shopping experiences and word of mouth. Brand experience of individuals are likely to influence buying decision of most customers. This product reviews platform is where customers share their stories about the experiences with a brand. Reevo presents real stories of customers. They collect many reviews on this particular platform.


This product reviews platform enables businesses generate plenty reviews through photos, and other user-generated content and use them to drive qualified traffic. Also, Conversion rates are increased, sales boosted and Instagram photos are collected from customers, influencers and on your own feed. Yotpo advanced search functions let marketers discover the foremost relevant photos to showcase only the best content. Moderation is straightforward with tools for rights management, thanking customers and prioritizing favorite photos. This product reviews platform integrates with product feed, so it’s simple and quick to tag products to photos.

This platform offers a good sort of solutions in its suite. It’s also specialized in review generation. It sends out automated emails to customers right after purchase for both review and upselling purposes. You’ll also place Yotpo’s customizable widgets wherever you would like on your own site. These widgets include a trust badge, in-depth info about the reviewer, and they allow you to ask your buyers questions which can help them make a choice.


This is a customer engagement engine that permits users to gather product reviews, from customers and also answer questions customers have. These reviews are distributed to all or major search engines using their advanced syndication network. This review tool also can measure social traffic, and content generation and see how this can positively affect conversions and sales.

Ratings and reviews of customers play a crucial role in convincing other buyers to make a buying decision. This software stores product reviews and rating of customers to draw in customer traffic. The software enables its users to subsequently turn browsers into customers. This product reviews tool plays a crucial role in helping its users to get huge volumes of sales and revenues.


There you’ve got them, a good, well-detailed list of the best product reviews platform for you to carefully choose the best platform for your business.

Most importantly, your website should be your most prominent product review website. Why? Because it’s always at your fingertips. You’re free to submit, manage and share your thoughts with the entire world.

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