Ultimate guide on how to become an Instagram influencer

Ultimate guide on how to become an Instagram influencer


Today, with the right tools and methods, those aspiring to be content creators can now tap into a goldmine business. It is estimated that the influencer marketing industry is to hit over $14 billion by 2022.

Popular Instagram influencers like Kyle Jenner are worth millions today. These influencers have gone as far as launching successful businesses using their audiences.  Long gone are the times when posting a beautiful picture with a 4-word caption would lead to massive growth.

Today, with the right tools and methods, those aspiring to be content creators can now tap into a goldmine business. It is estimated that the influencer marketing industry is to hit over $14 billion by 2022.

Of course, Kyle is merely one among the many influencers that have made millions of dollars. The question now is, how did she go about it?  These are a good number of tips we’ll be revealing in this article.

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How To Become an Instagram Influencer

  1. Pick a niche
  2. Create an Instagram Business Account
  3. Write an attractive and effective Instagram Bio
  4. Focus on your Instagram Aesthetic
  5. Ensure you write captions that reflect your brand’s voice And Personality
  6. Choose and use the right Hashtags
  7. Post New Content regularly
  8. Interact with Followers
  9. Contact or get in touch with Brands
  10. Become an Instagram Marketing Expert

Now, let’s dive into each of them

1. Pick a Niche

The first step in learning the way to become an Instagram influencer is mapping out a Niche for yourself or brand. It’s not possible to be known for everything, so it’s best to select one thing you’re good at and knowledgeable in.

Do you love exploring international dishes? Do you love posting OOTDs? or are do you have a passion for dancing or singing?

Once you choose a Niche, you’ll need to stick with it. So, it’s important that you choose sometime you’re passionate and also reflects your true interest and not something you know nothing about.

Pro tip:

Once you’ve been able to choose a Niche and also made the decision to focus fully on Instagram, it’s advisable to start your own blog. This is important so as to further engage your audience and thus build a stronger brand. Learning the way to become an Instagram influencer is great but it’s also advisable no to remain in one social media platform. 

With a blog, you can share your content, diversify your voice and get closer to your Instagram audience. Blogs help in converting your instagram followers to website visitors and subscribers and then you can communicate with them directly and offer more diverse content.

If you’re unsure where to start out, go through some article guides on how to start a blog and make it profitable.

2. Get an Instagram Business Account

This next step is about taking analytics serious because it’s important for you as an Instagram influencer.

Now, what is an Instagram business account? And, why does one need it?

An Instagram account features a lot of useful tools for influencers like Instagram Insights.

Insights allows you to know the demographic data of your followers. It also gives you a clear view of your follower fluctuations, audience activity times, top locations, profile views and how many clicks your website gets based on a set time.

Insight’s data can be viewed for your overall account or for a specific post. If you’re learning the way to become an Instagram influencer, this is very important. You wouldn’t want to make random posts. You would want to come out a good strategy.

Now, you’ve to determine the kinds of posts your followers love? What time do you have to post? Where are most of your followers located?

With a private account, you’ll never get all these information. While you’ll list down the likes and shares for every post, this takes tons of your time and it isn’t productive for the long-term. However, with the Instagram insight tool, you’ll get an accurate overview of your audience and the posts they love most.

Ads is another important perk of Instagram data insights.

Most Instagram influencers are also business owners. These influencers collaborate with brands, sell and build their own business. Instagram influencers also create ads to upsell their products and service, and by this, they get discovered by new followers.

To create your own Instagram business page, visit the website

Note: Creating an Instagram business account is free but you get to pay for ads. Even though it’s quite expensive, you get to gain new followers and the numbers are worth it.

3. Write an attractive and effective Instagram Bio

The next step to learning how to become an Instagram influencer is knowing the important of writing an attractive and excellent bio!

The bio on an Instagram page consists of 150 characters.

An Instagram bio is short but it’s all you need to attract followers at first sight. We can say it’s a pitch that elevates your entire account. What this bio does is to introduce your brand to new followers who aren’t sure of who you are and what you’re into.

If your bio isn’t straight to the point and concise, you won’t attract followers that would want to follow and know your brand. Would you want to trust an influencer who can’t get their introduction right? No, of course. 

So, how does one write a good Instagram bio?

The first tip is to ask yourself: what you would likely say if you were introducing yourself in a networking event?

Asking this question will assist you in determining the vital details you need to include in your Bio.

The next tip is to key in important keywords.

List and highlight the important keywords that you would want you and your brand to be known and ranked for. Once you’ve recognized the apparent keywords that are relevant to your brand, you’ll be able to describe who you are and what you are doing.  With this, your followers will be confident that they’re following the right profile.

Below is a picture of Instagram Bio samples.

Also, include your website links in your Bio if you have one. This is because your Bio is the only place you can paste your link for your followers to see and click.

4. Focus on your Instagram Aesthetic

One of the top things most Instagram influencers have in common is an awesome Instagram aesthetic.

Most Instagram influencers that are both in the fashion and beauty industry post OOTDs, post videos of makeup looks and tutorial.

Pink instagram aesthetics

Now, you might want to ask: how does one create an excellent Instagram aesthetic?

The first tip is knowing how to take great photos and you don’t need to be a photographer to know how to take good photos.  All you’ll be needing is a good camera and watching YouTube video tutorials.

Next, determine the design and feel of your feed.

You need to know the core colors of your need feeds. Do you need specific filters? Most influencers stick with 1 or 2 colors, in order for all posts to look visually consistent. Others just choose a selected filter so their posts will have a uniform look and feel.

For instance, Kyle Jenner’s Instagram feed shows a bold, bright and vibrant theme. She really didn’t stick to 1 or 2 colors but the theme increases the visual appeal of her entire feed. Each photo stands out equally and none of her posts feel out of place. YOU CAN CHECK THAT OUT(Kylie’s link).

It’s not necessary for an aesthetic to look amazing or perfect. And yes, you equally don’t need to be a professional photographer or Photoshop expert. All you need do is to put in your best and with time, you’ll get used to it and perfect your skills.

5. Ensure you write captions that reflect your brand’s voice And Personality

How are you able to engage with your followers?

Becoming an Instagram influencer doesn’t mean you just have to create posts with great pictures. You ought to also add a touch of personality to your Instagram captions to make your brand seem interesting. There’s no better way to put-off followers than having a brand with no personality.

So, what better way do you determine your brand’s voice?

Simply find about 2 to adjectives that best describes your brand.

These words can be “witty,” “fun” and “chill.” One brand that embodies this online persona is Denny’s Diner. Their language and tone is entertaining and that’s why thousands of millennials follow them on Instagram.

6. Choose and use the right Hashtags

Using the right Hashtags is important if you want to keep growing ang gaining more followers.

It has been estimated that posts with hashtags gain about 12.6% engagements. This is because the man aim of hashtags is to make your posts searchable for a term.

Take for instance, if your niche is fashion, the hashtag #Fashion and other related hashtags will make your profile to be easily found by users. These users will be mostly those who are interested in your brand.  Without the use of the right hashtags, it will be difficult for users to locate your brand as they can scroll down all day

Hashtags can be:

• Community-specific

• Location-specific

• Lifestyle specific

• Brand specific

• Challenge-or contest-specific

• Campaign-specific

• Event-specific

• Subject-specific

• Product specific

It’s been advised by experts that using 5 to 30 hashtags on a post is good. These experts also found that using up to 10 hashtags per post is a good number to target. Also, it’s important to note that using more than 30 hashtags per post can make Instagram to restrict you from commenting. So, it’s advisable to be careful not to overdo it.

Ways you can find the right hashtags to use

Simply type in the hashtag that is related to your post in the search box. For example, if you’re posting about jumpsuits, try the hashtag #jumpsuit. A lot of suggestions will pop-up on your Instagram’s search bar.

7. Post New Content regularly

Next, it’s important to find your optimal posting frequency if you want to become an Instagram influencer.

Most top influencers and brands on Instagram post a minimum of 1.5 time per day. But popular influencers like the Kardashians, Cristiano Ronaldo and the rest of them post once or twice a day. This is because they need to engage and stay relevant to their followers frequently.

These popular brands and influencers can get away with this but as someone who is trying to build a brand, it’s advisable to post frequently. Followers lose interest when brands or influencer rarely make posts and this means that you get to lose your followers.

So, how often do you have to schedule posts on Instagram?

Even though it’s advisable to post at least once a day, there is still no definite number of times to post. However, it’s still important to maintain the number of times you make posts. If you slow down on the number of posts you make in a day, your posts are going to be ranked lower on Instagram algorithm. What this means is that your posts will be shown on fewer user’s feeds.

Not to worry about this as there lots of app that you can use to schedule posts beforehand. These apps work as an all-in-one social media scheduling tool, you can find them on play store or google them. They can be used for both Instagram and other social media platforms.

You can try SKED. 

8. Interact with Followers

Just like we’ve said before, Instagram is a platform for interaction. So, you’ll need to interact with your followers to maintain your followers.

So, if you’re new to Instagram, you need to find users that are interested in your niche. For instance, if you’re an influencer who loves fashion, you have to conduct a research using the hashtag #fashion. Conducting this research will help you find potential followers within the comment section of posts made by others.

In the picture below, check the comment section of the post and find out what does one love about their posts. Also, find out what they say to their audience that make them feel good. And the what posts do you need to create to make a good impression.

Leaving comments that help jumpstart a conversation and relationship is important as an Instagram influencer. When users find your comments interactive, they’ll definitely click to follow you. This is one of the fast-tracks to becoming an Instagram influencer.

Also, don’t forget to interact with your followers especially when they leave comment in the comment session or ask questions. Followers love it when influencers take out time to interact with them. Taking out time to interact with them is very important. This is because some followers go as far as mentioning and marketing your brand when the need arises. So, the best you can do is to keep these interactions and relationships as takes nothing from you.

9. Contact and get in-touch with brands

As you already know, you become an Instagram influencer when you start working with brands

So, you start reaching out to brands when you’ve gained a good number of followers.

Ways you can contact or get in-touch with brands:

Participate in campaigns and brand-related hashtags in your posts. This posts your account under their watch.

You can send a Dm or contact them via their email address. Send them a pitch that outlines the benefits of collaborating with you

Give honest reviews on products you’ve used. For instance, giving a review on a skincare brand you’ve used.

There platforms that instagram influencer can join, some of them are; Grin, SocialPeeks, HYPR, InfluencerBay, and TapInfluence to find and connect with brands

You might not get an instant reply by doing all these, but you’ll sure get positive responses with time.


Hopefully, the following pointers have given you some inspiration and insight to enhance your social strategy as an Instagram influencer. Always have it at the back of your mind that success doesn’t happen overnight, but with consistency and commitment to your social channels, you’ll soon see a return in your efforts.

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