Valve Unveils OLED Display Upgrade for Steam Deck 2


In a surprise announcement, Valve unveils refreshed OLED display and 2023 hardware tricks set to elevate its cult-favorite Steam Deck gaming handheld.

A prime refresh sustains the winning portable formula in familiar form, but Valve’s hardware wizards notably grant renewed OLED contrast and new efficiencies layered beneath a handsome 7.4 inch canvas. Revised internals, meanwhile, pledge boosted battery resilience critical for marathon blockbuster sessions away from convenient wall power.

Owners of the original incarnations can rest easy too – complete accessory compatibility persists courtesy the unchanged exterior shell. Yet advantages emerge inside via shrunken APU die processes, amplified bandwidth courtesy Wi-Fi 6E radios and quieter, dedicated Bluetooth aerials augmenting wireless fidelity.

Capacity too grows boldly even in base configurations, with paid options scaling to lavish 1TB solid state volumes flanked by optional transparent rear covers showing off new cooling enhancements. And those progress hitherto in a special edition limited to 2600 North American buyers with collectible cases in tow.

But critically, OLED lands, dynamically enhancing portable imaging via inky blacks and punchy colors. Coupled with new HDR talents promising calibrated highlights and low lights, the Deck takes aim squarely at The Switch OLED prosperity.

Long trapped sans hardware sales to subsidize like console cousins, Steam Deck MK II leaps from niche darling status toward mainstream magnetism across laptop-averse but gaming hungry travelers. And existing customers may find cause upgrading through forthcoming trade-in promotions. So all aboard for the sequel promising to eclipse chapter one’s modest yet trailblazing portable foundations on every vector Valve can muster.

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