Best Visitor Behavior Intelligence software

Visitor Behavior Intelligence software allows companies to measure customer conversion rates more effectively.

This measure is the percentage of visits that result in customers making a purchase. By measuring this number against the total number of visitors, a company gets a good idea of how effective their current marketing strategy is.

By developing and monitoring a website’s conversion rates companies can then increase their sales and minimize the costs associated with customer acquisition.

This is important for businesses as they’re able to monitor and track their customer behavior. In this article, we’ll be discussing all you need to know about Visitor Behavior Intelligence Software.

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What is Visitor Behavior Intelligence Software?

Visitor Behavior Intelligence software is an effective behavior analysis software that enables users, mostly businesses and organizations, to track and analyze their visitor’s interaction inside the organization’s premises.

The software also assists them to know their customers better as data collected during the observation of visitors in the organization s premises can help them how to sell their products and services efficiently through various channels.

Organizational visits have increasingly become personalized. This has enabled business organizations to provide better services and personalized access to goods and services to their customers.

The traditional model of conducting store-front visits, where the sales floor would simply collect sales data.

While the purpose of such visits remains the same i.e., to identify existing customers and generate new business.

Today, it is necessary to know what visitors are actually looking at. What they are reading, what they are listening to, what they are saying and what they do in various applications.

Visitor data analytics software measures the behavior of the visitors to the physical premises of the organization.

Visitor Behavior Intelligence Software Market Research Report 2021-2028
Visitors Intelligence

The collected data is then categorized into different types of channels, and mathematical algorithms are used to extract value from the channel information.

One such algorithm that is used by Visitor Behavior Intelligence software is called the local measure approach. This approach provides a useful insight into the behavior of the traffic to a website.

With the help of the local measure the time spent per user on a particular page is extracted. This provides valuable insights into how people use the site, which can be used to create an improved site.

Finally, one of the most useful capabilities offered by Visitor Behavior Intelligence software allows managers to take action against bad behavior before customers react negatively. A good example of this capability is the location engine.

The location engine allows managers to analyze the behavior of people before they click on a particular link.

Once a link is clicked, it displays the location of where the person was last identified. Knowing where people are can be very helpful in improving employee performance, which can earn annual revenue of companies.

Features of Visitor Behavior Intelligence Software

Are you considering purchasing the best Visitor Behavior Intelligence Software available for your business needs? If you are then you should know that there are actually many things that you can use this software for.

The features of the best Visitor Behavior Intelligence software include:

Visitor’s information collection

First, you will be able to understand how to collect your visitors’ information. This includes knowing what pages visitors click on and where they click on the mouse. With this data, you will be able to build your web page around what visitors do.

This is especially important if you own a site that sells products or offers services. With this information, you can then make changes so that you get more visitors, but you will also see which products or services are selling better and which ones people aren’t interested in.

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features of best visitor behavior intelligence

Track Traffic

Another great feature of this program is that it helps you understand where your traffic is coming from. To do this, you will need to analyze the behavior of your visitors.

You will need to know where they come from, what pages they click on most frequently and where they leave your website most of the time. By doing this, you will be able to get an idea of what pages your visitors are most interested in, what their wants and needs are and how targeted are they. You can then create pages around these concerns.

Analyze Website visitors

One other feature of this software is that it has several features that will help you analyze your website visitors. One of these is the tracking of keywords and phrases.

Your competitors are probably using these words on their websites and you want to make yours do well in rankings as well. You can learn more about these features by reading the official website of the product itself.

Website Content Analysis

Another important features of visitor behavior intelligence software include the ability to monitor the keywords and phrases that are being used in your website. This can allow you to target your advertising more effectively, as well as monitor any changes that may be taking place due to new trends.

By being able to use these software solutions correctly, you will be able to save a lot of money on your advertising costs. There are also many free solutions available. If you do not want to pay for the software, it is important to know that there are a number of free solutions available.

Analytics Report

Finally, one important feature is that it also has several features available for analytics. These analytics reports can tell you which pages of your site visitors left, why they left and how long they stayed. They can also tell you which pages seem to be most popular.

This is helpful because you can know which pages are appealing to your potential customers. Some of these pages have a lot of traffic while others are not as popular. Knowing this will help you optimize your pages to increase your conversions and your revenue.

7 Best Visitor Behavior Intelligence Software

Below are some of the best Visitor Behavior Intelligence Software for your Business:

  1. Cisco Meraki
  2. Purple
  3. SpotOn Wifi
  4. Aislelabs flow
  5. Sensing Feeling
  6. BotBit
  7. Encapto Locate

Cisco Meraki

Cisco Meraki Firewalls – Free Trial | 3RT Networks

This Visitor Behavior Intelligence Software is the next generation of network visibility and security management. It is designed to collect, manage and present critical data about the network environment of Cisco businesses, which includes performance monitoring, fault detection, security assessment, and bandwidth usage.

This software uses real time visualization technology for fast, real-time visibility into the Cisco environment. Using this software, you can easily gain insight into all network events and gather metrics data about each of these events in order to make your business more effective and efficient.

With this tool you will be able to understand your customer’s business needs and the most effective way to deliver on their business needs.

There are two components to the Cisco Meraki Visitor Intelligence Software:

One component is the Network Sensor appliance which is installed on the network. This appliance collects data every second by sending light signals off and on. These signals are captured and then analyzed to provide a visual representation of traffic on the Ethernet network.

The second component is the Network Intelligence Analyst appliance. This appliance collects data every second by running an application through the WAN Optimizer. When the Analysts gathers this data, it will then be fed into the Network Monitoring Software which provides detailed visibility and analysis into the data.

This data is used to gain insight into security issues and to determine the overall security posture of the Cisco Meraki Infrastructure.

It was designed to streamline the way people assess an organizations security need. By using Cisco Meraki, you can easily determine if there is any threat to the networks in place.

You will be able to identify weak spots in your system and take necessary steps to strengthen your security measures. You can also test your systems quickly and efficiently. Cisco Meraki VSI has been found to provide significant increases in productivity and efficiency when compared to other similar tools.


This Visitor Behavior Intelligence is a website monitoring and visitor behavior analysis tool. It is an open-source project for the webmasters of the Internet.

Purple Visitor Intelligence is a program created by Andrew Hansen, it helps you to gather valuable information about who your visitors are and what they are looking at on your site. The more valuable information you can gather about your visitors, the more effective your site will be.

Purple Website Analytics is a customizable web and app performance monitoring and visitor behavior analyzer, providing detailed information about visitor behavior, demographics and browsing habits.

With this comprehensive report, you can gain valuable insight into which of your web pages or content are the most popular. All of this information is priceless in determining the best way to market your website and increase its search engine optimization.

In addition, the behavior-based report that comes with the software solution monitors and measures your website’s bounce rate. This is the percentage of visitors who have visited your site and exited within the first hour.

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SpotOn Wifi Visitor Behavior Intelligence software

SpotOn Reporting | POS Reporting | Guest Analytics

This Visitor Behavior Intelligence is a software product that aims to facilitate the assessment of tourist behavior based on their Internet connections, including traffic analysis, location data and even information regarding purchases made and social bookmarks made.

This in-house solution from Cisco uses Wifi sensors to detect malicious wireless networks and prevent unauthorized access, while collecting statistical data on wireless network use for further insights.

The system has been designed by experts who have worked with different hospitality industries, ranging from restaurants to hotels and conference centres.

By gathering data from wireless devices such as laptops, smart phones and webcams, the system performs a wide range of statistical analysis. Some of the statistics provided by the system include average connection speed, total number of visitors and total time spent on the site.

However, this system also allows users to perform individual analysis on various factors such as traffic analysis, location analysis, social network analysis and other advanced functions. The data collected is constantly updated for real-time analysis.

Spoton Wifi Visitor Intelligence software solution uses state-of-the-art hardware. To provide the highest level of accuracy in its data collection and analysis. The system has an extremely high reliability ratio.

Users can also expect extremely fast performance from the software solution. Thanks to its real-time traffic analysis and information filtering capabilities. Another great feature of Spoton Wifi is that it comes with full manual guidance on usage and setup.

Thus, users have complete control over their wireless network, thanks to Spoton Wifi’s powerful protection and control features.

Aislelabs flow

Aislelabs Flow | Cisco Meraki – Explore apps for Meraki products

The purpose of this software is to enhance the visitor experience through identifying, categorizing and managing unique visitor behavior patterns.

Aislelabs developed this software to specifically address the needs of small businesses in helping them understand their visitors and react appropriately to their unique needs.

As a result, Aislelabs Flow provides small businesses access to vital information about visitors that can be used to strengthen their visitor attraction strategies.

This Visitor Behavior Intelligence Software is designed to categorize and prioritize unique visitors to a website. It then uses these visitor data to suggest different tactics for attracting visitors based on visitor behavior.

The Visitor Behavior Report classifies and labels visitors based on the information extracted from Aislelabs Flow. The flow visualizes the flow of visitors across a website based on their unique visitor behavior and provides links to additional resources for researching visitors.

It also offers easy access to a custom report that highlights the visitor behavior data for each site segment.

Aislelabs Flow’s Visitor Analysis System categorizes and prioritize all visitors to a website. It also identifies unique visitor information that allows web developers and advertisers to better target visitors and create custom marketing campaigns.

The Visitor Analysis System can be accessed from the dashboard of Aislelabs Flow or through a browser plug-in. This enables you to identify visitors by visiting a specific URL, entering text in a form, or clicking any other functions.

You can also identify visitors by keywords used to search for your site and customize your web pages and ads based on these keywords.

To facilitate organization, all reports generated by Aislelabs Flow can be sorted and filtered. To reveal more specific details about a visitor’s behavior. Aislelabs Flow Visitor Analysis System automatically sorts traffic into different groups such as “PAID” visitors, “BETER” visitors, and “IDS” visitors.

This advanced system not only identifies visitors but captures detailed information about each visitor. Such as the type of browser they are using. The IP address of the computer from which they have come. What site they have visited.

Sensing Feeling

Human beings have always had an interest in other people’s feelings. This has motivated human societies for thousands of years to help others feel good about themselves.

With this in mind, it is no surprise that many businesses today spend considerable amounts of money on Sensing Feeling Visitor Behavior Intelligence (S FEI). S FEI is a type of software that measures and analyzes human behavior.

There are many areas in which human visitors act in ways that seem very peculiar. Some human visitors may be trying to establish a relationship with a person. Other factors may be trying to find employment or just passing through the area.

Many businesses have invested in Sensing Feeling Visitor Behavior Intelligence in order to determine human visitors’ intentions and personalities. This can be extremely useful when building relationships with customers or employees.

Knowing how to communicate with your customer or partner in a non-verbal way can make the difference. Between making a sale and losing a customer or sale.

For instance, some of the highest profile people in the world visit China. China is an exotic country that beckons humans with its beauty and culture. The Chinese people are very warm and friendly.


BOT:BIT Robot - Would you buy this? - YouTube

Botbit Visitor Behavior Intelligence software is one of the newest trends in e-commerce and virtual marketing.

This allows the company to tailor services or products that will appeal to more people or a specific age group, for example. Since everyone on the planet is a visitor to one or another website at one point in their life, it makes sense that they will also be potential customers.

This Visitor Behavior Intelligence software takes into consideration a number of factors when determining how much a visitor to your site will spend.

The software then creates an analysis report which will allow you to see which traffic sources are working for you and which may not.

With many websites out there, it is important to make sure that your company is keeping up with the competition.

Some businesses decide to ignore visitor behavior analysis and this ultimately leads to wasted time and effort. Taking the time to get software to analyze and report on the activities of your customers will give you an edge over your competitors and put you in first place.

Botbit visitor behavior analysis software is the most efficient way to track and watch your visitors. The more information you have about your visitors, the better prepared you will be to make the necessary changes.

By accessing the software through a secure server, you are able to monitor your site any time you want. You will always know which pages are gaining the most attention and which are losing you customers. This software comes with full email and contact support so that you can get immediate feedback from your customers.

Botbit is the only software solution that offers comprehensive benefits to businesses of all sizes. No matter how large or small your business is, you can benefit from the software by taking advantage of all of its features.

It is important that you select a server that has consistent high-speed connectivity. So that you can use the software in the most efficient way. Make sure to set aside at least 30 minutes a day to monitor the performance of your website using the Botbit visitor behavior analysis software.

Encapto Locate

Encapto Locate

This Visitor Behavior Intelligence software is a web-based software that provides real-time insights into visitor behavio. This helps business owners and managers identify the behavior of visitors to your website. Which then enables you to take pre-emptive measures to improve your website’s conversion rates.

According to Encapto, “The main aim of Encapto Locate Software is to provide a simple yet powerful insight into visitor behavior.

Businesses need in order to make informed decisions about the type of visitors to their websites. That can drive their revenues upward, as well as help them make informed decisions about the right actions to take to mitigate risks”.

Designed by analysts and marketers with an aim at making it easy for business owners to find visitor behavior intelligence software solutions.

It gives website owners the tools to analyse the visitor behavior on their websites. For example, one of the features this software offers is the analysis of website visitors through Google Analytic.

Which is a web analytic tool that tracks how people access a website, what pages they see and generally what they do while visiting your website.

You can find detailed information about the types of pages which are most popular among visitors to your website.

Base on this information, you can determine which keywords and phrases are best for driving traffic to your website.

As well as measure the effectiveness of different keyword phrases or keywords in driving traffic to your website. With this information, you can fine-tune your website content and optimize it for better conversion rates.

Encapto Locate Visitor Behavior Intelligence software is easy to use for both beginners and advance website owners. Users just need to enter in the details required by the software. And then proceed to the website to begin collecting their data.

The software can make suggestions as to what changes should be made on your website after the initial data collection. This is to improve conversion rates and get better visitor behavior analysis.

The detailed report generated by the software eases the analysis of possible changes to your website. And lets you see immediately if there is a need to revise your strategies to adapt to changing market conditions.

This detailed report also helps you understand your visitors’ individual characteristics and suggests what your website needs.


In essence, you will get the best visitor behavior intelligence software features available. You should consider the benefits that each feature offers. You should also consider how easy it is to use and whether or not the price is right.

Finally, you should consider your budget. By doing this, you will be able to find the product that will meet all of these features.

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